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April 19, 2021

PNTCD Congres: Tough attacks of Basescu against Ponta

The Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD) Extraordinary Congress that took place in Poiana Brasov on Saturday was a new opportunity for the incumbent President Traian Basescu to launch again tough attacks against Prime Minister Victor Ponta.
Attending the PNTCD Extraordinary Congress, together with 250 delegates from around the country, was also People’s Movement Party (PMP) presidential candidate and chairman Elena Udrea, who is supported by PNTCD in her presidential bid.
“The Revolution of 1989 was confiscated by the successors of former communists, that are  extremely toxic to the future of Romania, because the world tends give them credit due to their youth,” said Traian Basescu.
Traian Basescu has stated that Prime Minister Victor Ponta is the perfect example of the “swindler”, capable of saying one thing in Houston and the exact opposite in Beijing, where he expresses his admiration for the Chinese Communist Party.
“This type of pharisees of the young generation is at least as dangerous for democracy as those who raised them, be them Iliescu, Nastase or Barladeanu. They are far more dangerous because the world tends to give them credit because of their youth, and the big problem that we have today is that we do not have the means to explain to the population, to the electorate, how toxic the generation of politicians that has sat in the place of former communists is”, said Basescu.
“i see no impediment in organizing a national referendum on the issue of monarchy”
On Saturday, President Traian Basescu has issued a message to PNTCD representatives, showing that the topic of Romania being a republic or a monarchy could be discussed and that he sees no impediment in organizing a national referendum on this matter.
“I know that there is a question lingering in your hearts: how can we join forces? (…) I am a republican, you are monarchists. I wanted you to know  that I am aware of this fact and that, perhaps after the Presidential elections are through, we should have a frank conversation”, the head of the state wrote to PNTCD representatives.
Basescu mentioned that he had opened the subject in order to outline that, although many things connect him to PNTCD considering their shared vision upon the constitutional state, but there is a topic of disagreement which, nonetheless “proved to be of less urgency than the idea of a constitutional state.”
“I must say that you, just as I, support popular capitalism which translates itself as a chance for anybody. The issue of monarchy vs. republic could be discussed soon, I think, and I see no impediment, if we all have the courage, to organize a national referendum on this matter”, Basescu declared, as quoted by Mediafax.  The President’s idea was frantically acclaimed by the attendants to the PNTCD Congress. The head of the state wenr on by saying that, were he not to come up with this idea, he was sure they all would have thought: “Basescu has come here, but avoided our true issue”.
Besides, President Traian Basescu declared that he had always considered PNTCD’s absence from the Parliament as a “disappearance that needed a solution, so that the party could come back to political spotlight and public discussions”.
Basescu also claimed he had done huge efforts in reuniting the three fractions of PNTCD and attempting to find a way to bring the party back on the political scene but, unfortunately, he had no success.  Basescu concluded by mentioning that in his opinion, “PNTCD should come back, in itself, as a group within the Parliament, with his traditional position on the constitutional state”.

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