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August 10, 2022

Tariceanu: “I intend to open three national construction sites for political and social reforms”

For the chairman of the Liberal Reformist Party (PLR) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, the top priorities of his presidential project are  three essential pillars: profound political and administrative reform, promoting national education and culture, and the demographic perspectives of society.
“I am a civil engineer and I sometimes like to speak metaphorically using terms from my profession. As President, I intend to open three national construction sites in which we are to reconstruct important parts of the social and political life of Romania. The first will be dedicated to profound political and administrative reform, the second will be dedicated to promoting national education and culture and the third to the demographic perspectives of society”, said Tariceanu Friday at the event launching his candidacy, held at the Parliament Palace.
In what regards the first pillar, Tariceanu said that a profound political and administrative reform must change from the ground up the “rotten way” in which too many institutions function today. He spoke of the second ‘construction site’, referring to promoting national education and culture, mentioning that Romania’s bet for the future must be “Education, research, innovation”.
On the third point of focus, the demographic perspectives of society, Tariceanu stated that “projections and prognoses are pessimistic, there is a demographic downturn in the entire European Union.”.
Mr. Tariceanu said he will go his way untroubled irrespective of what happens with other candidates, namely with Mr. Klaus Iohannis and his potential withdrawal from the presidential race because of his incompatibility file and troubles with the Justice.”I believe that today it is extremely clear, I’ve gone my way untroubled, I am not interested what other candidates are doing, what troubles they have, I believe that’s their issue, each manages as he sees fit his situation with his own party, with the citizens. If you want to ask me, ask me about what I want to do, I am not interested in what Iohannis or other presidential candidates are doing,” Tariceanu said .
Melescanu’s candidacy affects me
Attending the “Sinaia Forever Festival”, Calin Popescu Tariceanu said Saturday  that he is affected by the candidacy of former Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) head Teodor Melescanu in the November elections, because he will hunt votes from the same electoral area. “As such, I have to make an extra effort to compensate potential losses that I cannot quantify at this moment,” the Senate’s Speaker said.
“Surely the entry of Mr. Melescanu in the competition will affect me as the others because the votes he will take he will take from the same electorate area to which I am addressing. but this is competition, it’s free, so all I can do is make an extra effort to compensate in a way or another potential losses”, said Tariceanu.
Ponta hopes to have Tariceanu as opponent in the runoff
Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the chair and presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party in the November elections, hopes to have Calin Popescu-Tariceanu as opponent in the second round, reports Agerpres. In a Romania TV broadcast from New York on Thursday night, Ponta said that several other candidates – Elena Udrea, Klaus Iohannis or Monica Macovei – making it to the second round of the election would be just equivalent to incumbent President Traian Basescu running again.
‘I honestly tell you I wish to get in the second round with Mr. Tariceanu, because then I would be sure, either I win or he does, there won’t be a third term of Traian Basescu. If I go against Mrs. Udrea, Mr. Iohannis or Mrs. Macovei, it’s like going against Traian Basescu,’ he asserted.

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