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September 19, 2021

Udrea: “Romania needs a President who is involved and brave”

Popular Movement Party’s (PMP) presidential candidate Elena Udrea told the crowds at the meeting in Victoriei Square, a meeting occasioned by the launch of her presidential candidacy on Sunday, that Victor Ponta is “the nil Premier,” adding: “Let me tell you: I’ll uncover him, Victor Ponta is agent 000.”
“I thank you for coming here, the more so since nobody paid you and it isn’t my birthday,” Udrea started her speech. The PMP protest march against the government and for jobs started at the Palace Hall and ended up in Victoriei Square.
Leading the march alongside PMP President Elena Udrea were other party leaders including Ruxandra Dragomir and Adrian Radulescu, as well as PNTCD President Aurelian Pavelescu with whom the PMP President had signed a protocol for the setting up of the PMP – PNTCD political alliance at the end of August. They carried a banner reading “Ponta-PSD, unemployment and poverty for all of Romania!”
The participants, most of them wearing white jackets with the inscription “Udrea-president” and the PMP mark, waved party and national flags and chanted anti-government messages.
In her speech, Elena Udrea pointed out that the PSD government, the Ponta government is “the zero government, with zero accomplishments but with 1,000 unfulfilled promises.”
“Victor Ponta is organizing birthday parties worth millions of Euros while children have no textbooks in grade I. (…) Victor Ponta has the cult of personality, he ordered the biggest party on his birthday, 100,000 people were paid, taken there,” Udrea stated. She added that Victor Ponta is “the heir of Adrian Nastase and Ion Iliescu” and “not only a weak Prime Minister but also a very weak politician,” “ordered around by local barons.” “Victor Ponta is the nil Premier. Let me tell you: I’ll uncover him, Victor Ponta is the 000 agent,” Elena Udrea added.
She also mentioned Calin Popescu Tariceanu, pointing out that Victor Ponta launched him in the presidential race as a right-wing candidate but he is “the lure candidate.” Elena Udrea stated that the country needs an engaged president that would not kneel before local barons and moguls, a president that did not make compromises for the sake of his image, pointing out that she and PMP are the backers of Traian Basescu’s values: independence of the judiciary, the reform of the rule of law.
“I am not a perfect politician, I am not a perfect person, I am not a perfect candidate, but I am the best candidate and I promise you I will be the best president,” Udrea stated. “It is our duty to win the Presidency. We will give the future president not for us but for this country. May God help us for Romania!” Udrea stated at the end of her speech.
“I am proud of being Basescu’s heir”
On Saturday, Udrea stated at PNTCD’s Extraordinary Congress in Poiana Brasov that she is proud to be Traian Basescu’s “heir” and assured him that she is the best of all candidates, adding: “I don’t know whether I will be the queen of Romania, but I will definitely be a good president.”
“Romania needs a powerful, engaged, courageous president, a president that would be capable of carrying on Traian Basescu’s ten-year battle for an independent judiciary, a real, functional, rule of law state, for reforms. (…) In ten years many have set out alongside us and were lost along the way because this fight hasn’t been easy. I don’t know whether I’ll be the queen of Romania, but I will definitely be a good president and even if I am less than perfect I assure you Mr. President that I am the best of the candidates in this competition,” Elena Udrea stated in a message for President Traian Basescu.
Basescu: Udrea is good for Romania
President Traian Basescu stated on Saturday at the PNTCD Congress that “Elena Udrea is good for Romania” and he can vouch for the fact that she is an intelligent person that does engage in political compromises, adding that he nevertheless hopes she will be capable of doing that if needed. “As a person that I raised politically speaking, I can guarantee she is an intelligent person with no fluctuations of options, no political compromises. I made compromises because I had to, but at least when it comes to your and PMP’s presidential candidate you won’t find political compromises,” Traian Basescu stated, thanking the PNTCD members for backing Elena Udrea in the elections campaign.
PMP candidate distributes textbooks and backpacks
After announcing on Thursday that she does not want the launch of her candidacy to look like Victor Ponta’s, PMP presidential candidate Elena Udrea was at the party headquarters on Friday where she distributed backpacks, textbooks and writing materials to schoolchildren from Bucharest, schoolchildren that were taken at the event by their parents.
Udrea pointed out that she preferred to do that instead of having a presidential candidacy launch at the Palace Hall, an event that would have cost EUR 20,000. “I took this decision because this year children went to school and did not find textbooks on their desks. For a first grader it is incomprehensible why Mr. Ponta failed to solve this problem. Instead of a pompous candidacy launch I decided to make this gesture for families with children and with low financial possibilities,” Elena Udrea pointed out. She added that this action will continue throughout the country.
“If ACL remains without a candidate PDL voters will naturally come to me”
Elena Udrea stated on Friday that in case the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) remains without a candidate she believes most PDL members and sympathizers will “naturally” prefer to back her presidential candidacy. “If they remain without a candidate most PDL members will naturally turn towards me and I believe the PDL voters will prefer to back me from among all other candidates left in the race; they backed me in the previous elections and that is more natural than to back someone else, someone they do not even know maybe,” Udrea stated.
She pointed out that a great part of her former PDL colleagues “naturally” back her today too “because they do not feel represented by Iohannis’s candidacy.”
Udrea pointed out that Iohannis’s situation is older and whatever the court decides she will mind her own candidacy. “If Mr. Iohannis happens to be declared incompatible then there are the other candidates, 13 are left in the race, so the electorate will have who to vote for,” Elena Udrea added.
She stated that the only candidates she confronts and challenges to come before the voters with her and state what they did for Romania are Victor Ponta and Klaus Iohannis.
People’s Movement Party (PMP) chairman, Elena Udrea, has stated, on Saturday, at the Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD) Extraordinary Congress taking place in Poiana Brasov, that Romania needs a President who is involved and brave, to be able to continue the ten-year battle led by Traian Basescu for an independent judiciary, a real, functional, rule of law state, because they are reforms that cannot be continued by anything but a powerful President, reports Agerpres.
She said that, unfortunately, PNTCD, in the past ten years has entered the shadows due to the leaders that have served it and said that the right-wing electorate will support her in the second round of the presidential elections, regardless of what the right-wing parties recommend.
“The fragmentation of the center-right political spectrum is tied, in my view and I have arguments for this, to the electoral year. It has happened as such because there was a wish to enter the European Parliament elections separately and let’s not forget that I was proposing to right-wing leaders an alliance for the EP elections. PNL [National Liberal Party] was with Victor Ponta, so with USL [Social Liberal Union], and Mr. Vasile Blaga did not wish for an alliance with the People’s Movement at that time, then an alert pace was set for the EP elections and it couldn’t be done, and now you see what is happening”, said Elena Udrea.
According to her, the right-wing electorate will act unitarily and will vote in the second round with the adversary of Victor Ponta, namely Elena Udrea.
People’s Movement Party (PMP) candidate in the presidential elections, Elena Udrea, has said on Saturday evening at the 20th edition of Sinaia Forever Festival, that former Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) head, Teodor Melescanu, is a “PNL [National Liberal Party] Candidate”, and as such he fights in his campaign with Klaus Iohannis and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, without taking from her votes.
“Melescanu will not take my votes”
“I don’t believe that Mr. Melescanu is taking from my votes, from my electorate. I am addressing to a whole other electorate. Firstly, we are different generations, we have a different public. I don’t believe Mr. Melescanu will obtain a very good score because he is still a PNL candidate, so he is fighting with Mr. Iohannis and with Mr. Tariceanu, not with me”, said Elena Udrea.

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