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September 25, 2021

­­Ponta: No one opposes Justice

Commenting on the subject of ex-ministers for whom DNA had asked for prosecution clearance, Prime-Minister Victor Ponta said on Monday that no one was going to oppose the parliamentary procedures that would lead to the lifting of immunity, but the PSD leader avoided saying if he would recommend a vote in favour or against the request. Ponta was asked how he would recommend to the PSD MPs to vote on the requests for the prosecution of some ex-ministers including Social-Democrats Serban Mihailescu and Ecaterina Andronescu. ‘Of course that all procedures will be carried out and no one will oppose in anyway. Within the procedures, everyone will state their position, because Mrs. Andronescu, Mr. Athanasiu and all the rest are people who have had an unimpaired prestige their entire life and I think they have a right to state their point of view’, Ponta said.

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