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March 24, 2023

“Writing a new chapter of friendship, creating a brilliant future of mutual benefits”

H.E. Ms. HUO YUZHEN, Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Bucharest:

“On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Romania, I am very pleased to write this article for Nine O’clock to celebrate this jubilee together with its readers.Since October 1st 1949, when New China was born, China’s economic and social development has made remarkable achievements. Especially during the 30 years of reform and opening up, China has undergone rapid development with its comprehensive national strength improved significantly and the total economy ranking second in the world. China’s huge development not only brings great changes to the Chinese people’s lives, but also brings new opportunities for the world’s development. In 2013, China became the largest trading partner of 128 countries in the world, imported almost 2 trillion USD goods annually from other countries, and nearly 100 million Chinese people go abroad for tourism in each year. With China’s development, these numbers will continue to expand. Nowadays, the Chinese people are committed to achieve the “Two Centenary Goals”, meaning trying to build a moderately prosperous society until 2020, and a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country by the middle of this century. We summarized this goal as to realize the Chinese dream of nation’s great rejuvenation.

We have the confidence and ability to overcome various difficulties and challenges, to promote  sustained and healthy economic development and to go on providing impetus for the growth of the world economy. We are willing to develop and share prosperity together with people from all the world including Romania.Romania is an old friend of China. The friendship between China and Romania has a profound tradition and a long history. 65 years ago, China and Romania has established diplomatic relations, with Romania being among the first countries to recognize New China. For all these years, in the critical occasions like when China restore its legitimate seat in the United Nations or when the people were suffering  major natural disasters, the peoples of China and Romania always stand together. The friendly sentiments of sharing weal and woe will be forever engraved on the two peoples’ minds. During the past 65 years, China and Romania have always understand and support each other. The Sino-Romanian relations of mutual respect, friendly cooperation, and seeking common ground can be seen as a model of the bilateral relations among countries. In its second cycle of sixty years, we are very happy to see that Sino-Romanian relations is mounting to a even higher level. Since last year, we have witnessed unprecedented frequent exchanges between the high-level officials from the two countries. Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta visited China, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang historically visited Romania and attended the meeting of heads of government of Central and Eastern European countries and China. Not long ago,  Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli successfully visited Romania. This visit is another important high-level contact after Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Romania last year, having  great significance in promoting further development of the bilateral relations.The close high-level exchanges not only considerably enhanced mutual political trust, but also effectively promoted the pragmatic cooperation between the two sides. Last year, the bilateral trade volume between China and Romania was over 4 billion USD, and in the first half of this year this volume grew nearly 30 percent. At present, China has become Romania’s largest trading partner in Asia and the second largest source of imports outside the EU. Both China and Romania have strong  willingness  to cooperate, with the bilateral cooperation projects in fields like infrastructure, energy and agriculture progressing steadily. Now, Sino-Romanian bilateral relations are in the best period of development, with broad prospects in the future.While if we say the pragmatic cooperation is the catalyst driving the development of the bilateral relations fast forward, we may also say the deep support base of the two peoples is the foundation of the Sino-Romanian friendship to pass on from generation to generation. Since the beginning of this year, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties, China and Romania have organized various activities including the visit of the National Theatre of China to Romania, the Chinese film festival, and performances of Romania’s Madrigal Choir held in China. The two sides are also busy preparing the open of cultural institutes in each other’s capital. I believe that people-to-people and cultural exchanges and cooperation will further enrich the connotation of bilateral relations and promote the understanding and friendship between the two peoples.Recalling the past, we are pleased to see the progress of Sino-Romanian relations. Looking ahead, we are confident of the prospects of bilateral relations. China is willing to join hands with Romania to promote the bilateral relations to move towards a new height from a new starting point by celebrating the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and to create an even better tomorrow for the Sino-Romanian relations!”

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