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February 27, 2021

Court admits ANI appeal, Iohannis says decision is normal

The court decided on Tuesday to admit in principle the trial of the appeal filed by the National Integrity Agency (ANI) in the case in which it accuses Klaus Iohannis of incompatibility.
“The High Court of Justice’s (ICCJ) decision today is a normal one and in line with the new Civil Procedure Code (CPC). The ICCJ decision in fact means that a deadline for the trial of the appeal filed by ANI will be established in the following period,” the PNL President points out in a communiqué issued on Tuesday.
Last Thursday, the High Court had postponed the verdict regarding the acceptability of the appeal filed in the case of incompatibility, started by the National Integrity Agency versus Klaus Iohannis.
Klaus Iohannis mentions that at this moment there is no state of incompatibility in what concerns him and the only court decision on this issue belongs to the Alba Court of Appeals, a decision that invalidated the ANI report. “Precisely because of this I have full confidence that irrespective of any other court that will issue a decision in this case the solution would remain unchanged,” he added.
At the same time he pointed out that he places himself at the disposal of the judiciary because he has nothing to hide and to fear. “I am innocent, I’ve won in the court of first instance, at the Alba Court of Appeals, and I no longer have any reason to believe that the High Court of Justice will give a different verdict,” Klaus Iohannis added.
“My candidacy is firmand final”
“My candidacy is firm and final, nothing can change anymore from this point of view. The Central Electoral Bureau has already validated all candidacies, my name will be on the ballot and I expect all Romanians that believe in the Romania of things well done to show up and vote. I’ve set out on this road and I’ll stick to it until the end. I have a vision for the Romania of the next decade and it is my duty towards its citizens to do everything possible for this vision to become a reality,” the Christian Liberal Alliance’s (ACL) presidential candidate stated.
Blaga: I am not worried
by ICCJ verdict in Johannis’ case; the candidacy to the elections stays
PDL President Vasile Blaga declared on Monday that he was not worried about the decision to be reached by the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) in Klaus Iohannis’ incompatibility case. He also mentioned that, even if anybody would desire it, Iohannis could not withdraw from running for Presidency.
Asked whether he was anxious about the verdict of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, due to be announced on Tuesday, Vasile Blaga answered: “I was never worried by this. On the contrary, it was an obvious win. I saw that many people attempt various games, some people even hoped to achieve our support by now. No chance: because the difference between Mr. Iohannis and the next candidate is over 20 points.”.
Furthermore, the head of PDL wanted to outline that “there is no plan B, since the Central Electoral Bureau had validated all candidacies to the Presidential elections.
“Nobody can withdraw, even if they wanted to. From this moment on, the law is applicable. And Iohannis will win the trial vs. ANI”, Vasile Blaga declared about Klaus Iohannis’ candidacy.
Antonescu: I don’t have a favourite for the Presidential elections, I am not persuaded by Iohannis
Former PNL President Crin Antonescu declared on Monday that he preferred neither of the candidates for the Presidential elections. He also outlined that he did not support PNL candidate Klaus Iohannis, because he is not persuaded by him.
Asked during a TVR1 show who his favourite candidate to this electoral campaign was, Antonescu replied: “I don’t have any”.
Asked whether, as a Liberal, he did not prefer the candidate suggested by PNL, Antonescu gave a negative answer.
Asked afterwards by the host why he did not support Klaus Iohannis, PNL candidate for the Presidential elections, Antonescu answered: “Because I am not persuaded”.
After the host noticed that he was the one who has proposed Iohannis for the position of Prime Minister and naned him Prime-Vicepresident of PNL, Antonescu declared that the topic was Romania’s Presidency.
“We are talking here about Romania’s Presidency. This is not about friendship. Skills are different. I mean, if a person is able to hammer nails, he is not necessarily able to fly through the Cosmos. A man who is able to be PM is not necessarily able to be President. These are different things”, Antonescu declared. He also added that, as far as he was concerned, Iohannis stirred serious doubt when he made contradictory statements about the events of 2012.

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