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August 8, 2022

Macovei demands November 16 referendum on restricting immunity of representatives

Independent presidential candidate Monica Macovei has announced that she is filing a written request to President Traian Basescu, asking him to organize a referendum on November 16, simultaneously with the presidential runoff, on restricting the immunity of MPs, ministers and the president. “The DNA investigation into the Microsoft case, in which 9 ministers from 4 governments are investigated, shows us the hideous face of the political class, it shows us that this corruption is non-partisan, it shows us that even when we see politicians on television talking to each other, feigning that they are arguing, that they have different opinions, in reality, behind the curtains, they are all working together and they are all taking bribes and they are all engaged in arrangements, all of that at the expense of our money. The biggest part of the political class has ended up being a gangrene that is bleeding us dry, that lies to us, deceits us, tricks us. And after all we see that there is no difference between how people from these parties have acted. (…) They all go for the money, work together to steal from our money,” Monica Macovei stated on Sunday at a press conference. According to Mediafax, Macovei has congratulated the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for the investigation, reminding that she created this institution in 2005 and as president she will ensure its independence, “in order for it to work just as good until we will root out all the political corruption and the high-level corruption in this country.”The independent presidential candidate emphasized that considering previous experiences when Parliament rejected the DNA’s requests of having the immunity of MPs lifted in several cases, she calls on Parliament and the President “to analyze these requests from the DNA and to offer their green light for the investigation.”“If this green light is not given, basically we, the regular citizens, will once again receive some slaps, being divided into two categories: the ones that show up when they are called up by investigation bodies or are fined if they don’t, and the privileged category of representatives who do not go because they and their colleagues don’t want to,” Macovei said.Monica Macovei stated that considering this reality she asks President Traian Basescu “to make all overtures needed to organize a referendum on November 16, with the following question: Do you agree with MPs, ministers and the Romanian President not benefitting from any form of immunity, except that covering political opinions? And the answer should be simple: yes or no.” “This request will go to the president in a written form too. I have chosen this date, November 16, because opinion polls show that we will have a presidential runoff anyway and the costs will be much lower for such an election,” Macovei said, expressing her hope that the answer will be favorable and Romanians will be called on November 16 “to solve this problem of the immunity of representatives, MPs, ministers and the President and to make them equal to all other Romanians.” Asked whether something else can be done considering that the result of the referendum on a Parliament with 300 seats was not implemented, Macovei stated that this shows “how much politicians care about the Romanians that voted.” “They don’t care at all and they are trampling on their dignity and vote. But that does not mean we should not continue to use the means we have in the Constitution. (…) I will insist on both of them being implemented,” Monica Macovei added.Macovei asks a check of Ponta’s launching event financing sourcesMonica Macovei, an independent candidate in the presidential elections, has commented on the launch events of her competitors, saying they were all “banal”, with the exception of the “pharaonic” launch event of Victor Ponta on the National Arena, a check of the financing sources of the event organized by the Social Democrat Party-Conservative Party-National Union for Romania’s Progress alliance (PSD-PC-UNPR) being necessary. ”The launch event at the National Arena, pharaonic, identical with what Ceausescu was doing, proves psychological problems related to ego and megalomania. The serious question is: “With what money did he do this?”. If he did it with PSD money, then it should be checked – calculate expenses and what they have in their accounts at PSD. See if it was from there or if it was money brought in bags. If there’s money from the Government too, then all the more reason to want it back because it’s our tax money and it’s a crime what Ponta did. The other launch events were banal, like the campaigns that they’ve been doing for 25 years. They move their party assets by bus, they give them a bag of food and to some a rucksack, although it’s forbidden by law”, said Macovei, on Sunday, during a press conference. Referring to her own launch event, Monica Macovei said that “the last will be the first”. ”We have an atypical campaign, with normal people, volunteers, and our launch will be the same way”, she added.

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