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January 20, 2022

Melescanu runs due to moral and professional obligations

Director of Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE),Teodor Melescanu, an independent candidate to the Presidency of Romania, has stated, on Sunday, in Baia Mare, that he has taken this step due to a moral and professional obligation, reports Agerpres.”I am running for a very simple reason: through the nature of my activity, of my activity as a professor, but also my administrative activities I’ve realized that Romania is in an extremely delicate period both internally and externally. In the coming period I expect us to be faced with many hardships. Externally, it’s about of the Ukraine conflict and its expansion on the Black Sea littoral, to areas near the borders of our country. Secondly, it’s about the very serious crises in Iran, Iraq and Syria – all these wars that surround us like a ring of fires that we can see and feel”, said the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service in a press conference. According to him, internally, Romania is facing problems in the economy and he believes that the solution is a President that will not be a spectator or an active player but more of an organizer that would tie in everybody’s efforts in order to advance Romania’s internal and external objectives. He stated that he has a vision different from other candidates. ”I’ve noticed that from all the candidates I am the only one to have this vision, (…) I’ve considered it to be my duty, given that I’ve spent a lifetime in the service of the country, to not step aside, but take this risk once again, this obligation, this responsibility to run. I consider my decision as a mature responsibility of a man who, I’ll say it again, has a certain life experience already and who can truly answer the challenges Romania is facing”, said Teodor Melescanu.Melescanu: “Romania should develop normal relations with Russia”Romania has to have a coherent foreign policy towards Russia, independent presidential candidate Teodor Melescanu stated on Sunday in Baia Mare. According to Agerpres, he stated: “We need to establish a very clear framework of our relations with Russia. After all, it is one of our neighbors, one that is increasingly getting closer to our borders again, a relation that should be based on attitudes of mutual respect, of ensuring mutual interest, based on pragmatic actions, especially in the economic domain, that should not be influenced by criteria of a political nature.”The former head of the Romanian Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) also stated that there is a fundamental difference between the foreign policy of Russia and that of Romania, pointing out that Russia’s foreign policy is a long-term one, relying on a history that has strategic goals in sight, goals that are pursued gradually through tactical actions. According to Mr. Melescanu: “In Romania we do not have this strategic foreign policy vision after our accession to NATO and the EU. Basically Romania does not have strategic goals. People that have nothing to do with it, neither the body of knowledge nor the responsibility of understanding that what they are saying affects Romania’s interests, end up in foreign policy positions. You cannot allow yourself to express all kinds of ideas over a cup of coffee, and since you are an official, not even you know how you ended up being one but there you are, people are taking seriously any statement, which leads to counter-reaction. This is, in my opinion, the main problem.”He considers that countries in Eastern Europe are vulnerable especially because of their dependence on the energy supplied by the Russian Federation. “Hungary and other countries in Eastern Europe are to a large extent, if not completely, dependent on the natural gas and energy deliveries from the Russian Federation. One of the characteristics of hybrid wars being waged today in Ukraine too is that the intervention is being done through factors of economic pressure too, through extremist political parties, banking institutions, but also through the media,” Teodor Melescanu added.“I haven’t seen a bigger war of disinformation than the one being waged in Ukraine, if you are to read the Russian and Ukrainian press communiqués,” he concluded.

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