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March 8, 2021

Ponta is on a distant first place in the presidential race

Victor Ponta maintains top position in the chart of media appearances, followed at a great distance by Klaus Iohannis, in accelerated increase. The following places are held by Elena Udrea, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Teodor Melescanu, Monica Macovei, Kelemen Hunor and Dan Diaconescu, all of them in significant growth, an analysis issued by Mediafax Monitoring shows.
The analysis was made for September 22 – 28 and included 150 titles of the central press, news bulletins by 13 TV stations and 1,287 sites, as well as 14 candidates:
Victor Ponta, Klaus Iohannis, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Elena Udrea, Monica Macovei, Teodor Melescanu, Dan Diaconescu, Kelemen Hunor, Gheorghe Funar, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, William Branza, Szilagy Zsolt, Constantin Rotaru and Mirel Mircea Amaritei.
Ponta is on the first place in this chart, totalizing 13,859 appearances, which is a minor decrease to last week, when he had 13,888 appearances. The most of them, 12,361, were on websites, 950 on TV, 249 at the radio and 299 in central print press.
The second position belongs to Klaus Iohannis, who registered a major increase in his number of appearances, compared to the previous week, from 4,760 to 7,083. Of Iohannis’ 7,083 appearances, 6,312 were on websites, 483 on TV, 161at the radio ?i 127 in central print press. The increase was due to the launch of his candidacy to the Presidency on Saturday, but also to articles on the subject of his alleged incompatibility trial at the High Court.
An increase to the previous week was also gained by Elena Udrea, presently on the third place of this chart. The increase was also stimulated by the launch of her campaign, the Sunday march and hanging out with Traian Basescu at a beer pub. If Udrea only had a total of  2,535 appearances a week before, during September 22 . 28, she had 4,063 of them (3,514 on websites, 362 on TV, 84 at the radio and 103 in central print press). Placed fourth, Calin Popescu Tariceanu also has a powerful increase in his number of appearances, from 1,840 to 3,103 (2,659 on websites, 278 on TV, 97 at the radio, 69 in central press), thus returning really close to the ranking he had two weeks ago.
Having so suddenly entered the struggle for Cotroceni Palace, former head of SIE Teodor Melescanu is on the fifth position in the monitoring chart, with 1,948 mentions, including 1,672 on websites, 169 onTV, 49 at the radio and 58 in central print press, many of the references regarding his resignation as manager of SIE in order to return to politics, not his electoral activity.
On the sixth place, Monica Macovei has almost doubled her appearances from 989 to 1,792, which places her after Melescanu but helps her precede Kelemen Hunor, compared to the previous week. She totalised 1,462 appearances on websites, 179 on TV, 93 at the radio and 58 in central print press.
UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor, presently on the seventh place, has a slight increase of his media appearances, from 1,287 to 1,354. His pluses were achieved on TV and at the radio. As for media channels, Kelemen Hunor had 1,126 appearances on websites, 123 on TV, 71 at the radio, 34 in print.
The eighth place goes to Dan Diaconescu, who has 2.5 times more mentions than during the previous week, increasing from 401 to 1,005, including 826 appearances on websites, 105 on TV, 46 at the radio, 28 in print.
The remaining candidates to the Presidency registered under 700 mentions, as some of them were unknown or entered the competition in the last moment. Mediafax Monitoring will issue similar analyses weekly, until the first round of the Presidential elections is due.

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