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May 25, 2022

Senate activity suspended, senators busy with election campaign

The senators will work in their respective constituencies after October 6, according to a decision made by the leaders of the Senate on Monday, as informed by Vice-President Cristian Dumitrescu after the meeting of the Standing Bureau, reports Mediafax. He said the Standing Bureau decided that, beginning with October 6, during the week from October 6 to October 10′, the senators would work in their constituencies. Dumitrescu said the decision had been made with eight votes in favour and four votes against. In fact, the Senate leaders had discussed ever since the beginning of the season about the possibility that the senators might only operate locally during the presidential election campaign, including before the runoff election. At the beginning of the autumn season, on September 1, the leader of PSD senators, Ilie Sarbu, said, after a Standing Bureau meeting, that, most certainly, in keeping with the routine established during the election campaign for the European election, the senators would work in the country during the presidential campaign in October as well as before the runoff election. ‘As I feel things, we will definitely do the same (as in the European Parliament election – a/n). Not a holiday, because it would be wrong to call this a holiday, as we will have activity in the country. I am saying now what I said then, that to us, senators, the work in the country is much more intense during the campaign than if we came to Bucharest, to work on committees for two or three days’, Ilie Sarbu noted, answering a question whether the senators were going to work or not during the presidential election campaign. The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, said at the time that the MPs of the power and those of the opposition wanted to suspend the work of the Chamber for a certain period during the campaign for the presidential election, but that the intention as to have a ‘regular’ month of October, with debates on the laws. The presidential election campaign is beginning on Friday. The first round of the election will be on November 2, and the runoff on November 16.

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