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May 12, 2021

CSAT: Gov’t should introduce mandatory training on cyber security in schools

The Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) has decided on Tuesday that the Romanian Government should take the necessary steps in order to introduce in schools mandatory training on cyber security and to create specializations within the university and post-graduate systems.
According to the communiqué released by the Presidential Administration after the CSAT meeting, cyber threats and Romania’s capability to react to a major cyber attack were a topic on the CSAT meeting’s order of the day.
“The CSAT members have decided that the Romanian Government should take the necessary steps in order to hasten the adoption of the legislative framework in the cyber security domain, to support the setting up of entities, both in the public and the private sector, specializing in the assessment of the security of cyber infrastructures of national interests, and that the relevant institutions should take measures to define and render operational a program for the training of cyber security specialists,” the communiqué reads.
At the same time, the CSAT also approved the measures to prevent and combat the use of the internet for terrorist purposes, as a result of the fact that the virtual space and information networks are used by terrorist entities and their followers.
Urgent legislative intervention needed on “Big Brother” Law
“CSAT also took note of the national security implications of the fact that Law no. 82/2012 on data storage and the Law that modifies Government Emergency Ordinance (OUG) no.111/2011 on electronic communications were deemed unconstitutional, deciding that “urgent” legislative intervention is needed in this case from the Government or the Parliament,” the Presidential Administration’s press release also reads.

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