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April 15, 2021

Elena Udrea: ‘With Ponta, the system Basescu brought on its knees will rise and flourish again’

Invited on the ‘Jocuri de putere’ Realitatea TV show, hosted by Rares Bogdan, Tuesday night, PMP’s presidential candidate Elena Udrea openly spoke about the electoral campaign and how she perceives the ‘beautiful Romania’. Romania needs a strong leader – Udrea says and warns that, if Victor Ponta was to come to the helm of the country, the Securitate-communist system Traian Basescu brought down on its knees in ten years would rise and flourish. ‘My promise to Romanians: <Beautiful Romania>’‘Beautiful Romania’ is the slogan I am running under and it has to be looked at from two points of view. It is a promise I am making to Romanians. Romania is beautiful today because this is how God left it. It is a beautiful country, with an extraordinary potential of human and natural development. But that is not enough. Beautiful Romania – my promise to Romanians – is the country where you enjoy living, where you want to live, the country where Romanians who, at some point, left abroad come back because they can find well-paid jobs here, the country where young people graduate and find work because they have the required skills, where retired people do not fear for tomorrow and do not need to wonder how they could possibly pay for utilities and medication from their retirement befit, the country where no one is afraid to go into a hospital because they wonder if they will ever come out alive, the country with enough responsibility to the education system to train people for what Romania really needs. The beautiful Romania I want is a Romania where people have reasons to smile on the street. This is what I would like Romania to look like and I think we can have a country like that after 25 years when we have covered three stages’, Elena Udrea said during the ‘Jocuri de putere’ TV show. ‘We must move to a normal Romania, where we can build things. For that to happen, we need leaders. Romania needs people capable of doing things, capable of mobilising other people’, Udrea also said. Romania needs a strong leader – she says, stressing that, if Victor Ponta was to come to the helm of the country, the Securitate-communist system Traian Basescu brought down on its knees in ten years would rise and flourish. ‘The question is: is there among the candidates in the competition a leader like that? Brucan was saying it would take Romania 20 years to become a normal democracy. It’s been 25 years… (…)I believe we are now ready to take that step. Why during the Iliescu regime we saw that perpetuation of the communist-securitate system that became stronger during that regime, thanks to Iliescu’s toleration of such an evolution of his regime? Iliescu tolerated that regime. Then Constantinescu came, promised a change, but finished his term declaring himself defeated by the communist-securitate system. Then we had ten years of Basescu, when he has fought the system and today we can say that the securitate-communist system has been brought down on its knees. It is not defeated. It’s crucial that, after November, this country should have a strong person, a fighting leader, capable of taking this 10 year effort on. If Ponta, for example, came to the helm of the country, I know this system will rise back – today it is on its knees – and we will watch it flourish again. There will be a system of local barons who will determine the next president, a system that will take Romania back to before 2004’, Udrea explained. ‘Basescu didn’t invite me to the Political Club dinner’ Asked if she had been invited by Traian Basescu to the dinner organised by the Political Club at Cotroceni Palace Monday night, attended by politicians, ambassadors and heads of foreign companies based in Romania, Udrea said: ‘Definitely not. I was invited by the leaders of the club as a member of the club’. ‘I, too, was surprised to see such turmoil. It is a political club because its goal is to attract the elite to join politics. It has a leadership structure, I am a member of the club like many other politicians’, said Udrea.  She denied that campaign funds had been raised at the event as the press suggested. ‘The club holds this meeting every year, to discuss important subjects for the society. This year, given the fact that Traian Basescu finishes his term, he was asked to participate in the annual meeting. Since there were many participants and not having a proper venue, the decision was made to gather at Cotrovceni’, Udrea also said.

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