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February 26, 2021

Gazprom lowers gas exports to Romania again

The impact is insignificant, Romania’s internal production fully covering its consumption, with the imports standing at 0.2 million cubic meters per day

After Gazprom once again lowered its natural gas exports to Romania on October 1, the Economy Ministry’s Energy Department stated that “we should get used to these situations.”
“The deliveries of Russian natural gas to Romania dropped yesterday by 13 per cent in relation to Transgaz nominations. The total volume of Russian natural gas deliveries in this period is at a very low level, below 0.2 million cubic meters per day, in the context in which Romania’s production is at a level of approximately 31 million cubic meters per day,” an Energy Department communiqué shows.
Unlike most states in Central and Eastern Europe, Romania is not dependent on natural gas imports from the Russia Federation. The consumption of natural gas in our country currently stands at approximately 22 million cubic meters per day. Internal production totals 31 million cubic meters per day, of which 9 million cubic meters continue to be stored every day.
Romania has so far stored one billion cubic meters of natural gas above the 1.8 billion cubic meters legal level established by the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE).
Minister Razvan Nicolescu had a meeting with Russian Federation ambassador Oleg Malginov earlier this week, the two discussing the lowering of natural gas deliveries in September. After the meeting it was announced that “it hasn’t been confirmed that the situation will not continue in the same line.”
“I expressed my hope that the recent conclusions of the talks between the European Commission – Ukraine and Russia will be respected by all sides,” Nicolescu stated in the communiqué.
During the tripartite talks that took place on Friday, Russia and the European Commission expressed their support for a “winter plan,” a package of measures that would stay in force until the end of March in order to reduce the risks in what concerns the transit of Russian natural gas to Europe.

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