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June 24, 2021

Iohannis: I want a right-wing President and Government for at least ten years

Christian-Liberal Alliance candidate to the Presidential elections  Klaus Iohannis declared that the most important project of the last few years, “the consolidation of the right wing” was accomplished this summer and that he wished a right-wing President and Government for at least ten years, “so that we could help Romania get back on its feet”.
“This summer, we accomplished the greatest political project of the last few years and perhaps the greatest political project ulterior to the Revolution. We accomplished the consolidation of the right-wing, when PDL and PNL joined forces, and it is merely the first achievement of this year because, I must tell you, the year 2014 is the year of major changes in Romanian politics. It started with the foundation of a great right-wing party and I think it will end with our victory in November. It would be a shallow thing to found a party just to win elections once. We want to win the elections now, for the first time, and, afterwards, to win many more elections, because I wish and I am fully confident that you also wish at least ten years with a right-wing President and a right-wing Government, to get Romania back on its feet”, Iohannis declared on Wednesday evening in Cluj Napoca, at a meeting with ACL members and supporters, Mediafax reported.
“I want to be the president with an impeccable behaviour”
As a Presidents, Iohannis intends to be neither a “player”, nor a “father of the nation”, according to his statements. He wants to offer a model of an impeccable behaviour, as suitable for a public personality.
“I am positive that it can be achieved, otherwise I would not have started this approach. And I am positive that I can achieve it, this is why I want to provide Romanians a new kind of President”, Iohannis added.
“I am counting on Boc”
The ACL candidate showed his confidence that the former Premier Emil Boc will be soon “on the suitable side of the political spectrum”, although he is presently supporting Elena Udrea at the elections, and declared that he was counting on Boc “before round 2”.
Questioned afterwards whether he still counts on Boc’s support during round 2 of elections, the PNL leader declared “we will find out then”.
Orban: Iohannis’ candidacy is definitive; his name will appear on ballot papers
The Vicepresident of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban says that  Liberal leader Klaus Iohannis “lost no trial yet” and announces that, according to electoral laws, his candidacy is definitive and his name will be printed on ballot papers for Presidential elections. Orban explained on Wednesday afternoon, in a press conference in Targoviste, that the decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) to approve the appeal filed by the National Integrity Agency (ANI) does not represent the loss of this trial by Iohannis.
Orban showed that, on September 30, the “filter panel of judges” of the High Court merely announced that the appeal is formally admissible, “as legal conditions and procedures were met” in ANI’s appeal.

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