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March 4, 2021

Macovei launches presidential project ‘Have no master other than the citizen!’”

The independent candidate for president, Monica Macovei, has launched her presidential project called ‘Have no master other than the citizen!’, focussed on reforming fundamental institutions and changing electoral legislation. ‘I shall be your employee, not the master of the country who is in everything and in all. My logic is: by electing me, you are hiring a president for the people and not one for politicians and their cabals’ – Macovei begins in her programme. Right after that, she speaks about the candidates for president and their sensitive links to the intelligence services. ‘The president must not come from intelligence or from financial groups of interest. The president must be free. You cannot have a dual command. A president must only be guided in his/her decisions by the legally expressed will of the people, Constitution and own conscience. The heads of intelligence agencies may not be elected or appointed to public office for five years after the completion of their term’, is what Macovei proposes. The ex-justice minister also says that ‘the president may be revoked by referendum called by Parliament. If the referendum is not validated, the Parliament shall dissolve because it has implicitly received a no-confidence vote from the people’.Monica Macovei wants a unicameral Parliament and a smaller number of MPs – ‘what the Romanian public voted for in the 2007 referendum’. ‘The president respects the voice of the people: 300 MPs and one chamber, as the citizens chose in a validated referendum. I will make all efforts for that to happen as soon as in 2016, when the new Parliament is to be elected. I will push for cutting current Parliament expenditures by 50 per cent. An indebted state where  many people are on the breadline cannot support a rich Parliament’, Macovei thinks, who wants a more flexible legislation for setting up a political party. ‘I have proposed the liberalisation of the political market. Current rules limit the freedom of association stipulated by the Constitution. A party should be a free association of a minimum of three citizens, without geographic restrictions and a minimum number of signatures. New parties should compete with old, ankylosed ones.’ ‘I shall fight to impose strict rules for the financing of political parties and independent candidates. Dirty campaign money creates obligations for the government. The Standing Electoral Authority must be made apolitical, strengthened and dynamited, because now it is a weak institution. AEP should primarily make some serious checks regarding the funding and expenditures of political parties, according to its mandate. Such checks are made in campaign in the field, comparing expenditures against declared sums’, Monica Macovei also says. The independent presidential candidate suggests a return to two rounds of election in the local elections and a mixed system based on the German model for the parliamentary election. ‘The current electoral system makes mayors the slaves of county council presidents and only lets into Parliament people with important financial resources. I will propose to go back to the election of mayors in two rounds and will; support the election of MPs in a mixed system (half of Parliament on list and half in a single member district plurality system), Macovei further points out. Dignitaries’ immunity removed  As for MPs immunity and incompatibilities, Monica Macovei says: ‘Removal of official immunity, with the exception of the one for political opinions. Members of Parliament, ministers and president may not be above the law. The theft of public money, money laundering, organised crime and corruption committed also by dignitaries must never be subject to the statute of limitation. I have asked for the organisation of a referendum on the topic on November 16, together with the presidential runoff. The MPs must be representatives of the people and act in their best interest. I will insist for the introduction of incompatibility for Mps to perform as lawyers during their term, to prevent any possibility that they may enter into agreements with public institutions based on clientelism or influence the legislative process in favour of a client’. In the end, Monica Macovei promises that ‘all Romanians in the country and abroad will be able to vote electronically or by mail’.

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