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August 14, 2022

Flauto Dolce at the International Seminar of Old Music in Tel Aviv

The Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv has invited the Flauto Dolce ensemble to the International Seminar of Old Music, organised during October 9 – 16 2014 at “The Lin & Ted Arison Israel Conservatory of Music” and also to the “Renaissance” Old Music Festival, organised during October 12 – 14, 2014, at the historic fortress of Yehiam, in Northern Israel.
Founded in Cluj, in 2000, at the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy, Flauto Dolce is a group of musicians specialized in European old music. For the Israeli tour, the ensemble will include the following artists: Zoltan Majo (artistic manager, straight flute), Maria Szabo (straight flute), Erich Türk (clavichord), Mihaela Maxim (soprano). The repertoire of the Flauto Dolce ensemble includes traditional old music from Central and Western Europe, Romanian old music, as well as contemporary compositions. More details on the ensemble Flauto Dolce may be found on their website: http://www.flautodolce.ro/. The International Seminary of Old Music, annually hosted by the „Lin & Ted Arison Israel Conservatory” in Tel Aviv includes performances, workshops and academic conferences. Presently at its fifth edition, the seminar is already enjoying a solid reputation in old music –specialized circles worldwide. The event is part of the international trend of recovering and forwarding the patrimony of old European urban music known as “medieval”, “old” or “early” (composed during 500 – 1760, which covers the Midle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque), and popularised under the term “early music”.
The teachers attending the seminar are some of the most internationally acclaimed experts in this field. The students are selected on the basis of a resume, audio recordings and recommendations by specialists. This year, the Flauto Dolce ensemble has the status of special guest. The attendance of the Flauto Dolce quartet to this event will offer Israeli melomans the chance to discover Romania’s contribution to the patrimony of this international genre, for the first time in an academic environment.  Flauto Dolce will perform a concert and will attend an Academic conference and a masterclass.

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