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Presidential Elections 2014: Candidates cross country long and wide to case their strengths

Ponta: “With a President and Prime Minister working together, the country will head in a good direction”
Prime minister Victor Ponta said on Saturday in Brasov that, should the president and the prime minister work together, the country is heading in a good direction, but if they fight as it happened in the past 25 years, progress is hard to attain.
“I used to be a prime minister, I felt what it means not to work together with the president. If I am president, I want to assure you that – based on the articles of the Romanian Constitution, from 80 to 100, but first of all based on the belief that this is how the country has to work – you will have a five-year president who will never fight with the prime minister and will work together with the prime minister”, Victor Ponta stated.
He added that, after nine years and 10 months of war, “dirt”, “slander”, there are 45 days of electoral campaign in which one has to talk about how Romania should look like after (the elections).
“Mr. Basescu is not part of Romania’s future and regardless of the accusations he’ll make, I can tell you this: what Mr. Basescu has not accused me yet until now, there is something he never said, let him be. I shall talk about what I want to accomplish if I am elected and I can tell you something I’ve said and I’ll repeat: I have learned from Mr. Basescu what I shouldn’t do if I am president. What Mr. Basescu says it really has no importance anymore. Starting 2012, we have not a legitimate president, we have a sort of campaign chief of Mrs. Udrea and that’s it”, Victor Ponta said.
“I wish all the Romanian diplomats serve the country the way Nicolae Titulescu did”
Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Saturday in Brasov in the opening of the 21st edition of the Nicolae Titulescu International Classes, that he wished all the Romanian diplomats serve the country the way Nicolae Titulescu did.
“I wish that all the Romanian diplomats abroad to serve Romania’s cause the way it was served by Nicolae Titulescu, to honour Romania the way Nicolae Titulescu did, and to have a destiny happier than Nicolae Titulescu, the one who couldn’t materialize all his projects, his diplomatic genius, because of the lack of vision and understanding of the ones who were ruling his time’s Romania and Europe”, the Prime minister said.
Victor Ponta welcomed the young diplomats participating in the classes, telling them that Brasov is hosting the memory of the one who was perhaps the greatest diplomat Romania has ever had, one of the grand diplomats and peace promoters in the Europe of the past century.
22 young diplomats have participated on Saturday in the opening of the 21st edition of the Nicolae Titulescu International Classes, which took place at the great man’s tomb with the Saint Nicholas Church of Scheii Brasovului.
Iohannis is confident in his victory, says he doesn’t fight Ponta, but the system he is representing
The National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Klaus Iohannis, the candidate for Romania’s Presidency on behalf of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) declared on Friday that he is going to win the November 2014 presidential elections.
‘It is probably unusual that someone writes a book when 55 (…) The way I wrote a book at 55 years old and a few people expected me to do it, the same way, when I raced for the first time, in 2000, many (…) did not believe it was more than a simple image exercise. In 2013, I joined the PNL, only a few believed I would survive more than a week there, amongst them. I’ve managed to become the president of the most recognized political party of Romania, the PNL. As back then I said on the Parliament’s hallways that I could not exclude a presidential candidacy, many have smiled and thought it was a joke and that it would pass within a week. It didn’t. And now, when the electoral campaign begins, many imagine that it would pass and that would be, yet I will win’, Klaus Iohannis said on the very first day of presidential campaign, at the launch of his first autobiography, ‘Step by step’.
In an electoral meeting in Craiova on Saturday, Iohannis said that in the November elections he is not fighting Victor Ponta, the PSD-UNPR-PC (Social Democratic Party, National Union for Romanian’s Progress, Conservative Party) candidate, but a system the Prime Minister Victor Ponta is representing and a way of doing politics.
“In these elections I’m not fighting the person Victor Ponta, I’m fighting a way of doing politics and the system he is representing. And I’ll fight those who continue the politics of scandal, of palavers, of false promises and lack of outcome. It’s a shame that such a young man has disappointed and ended so fast and easy the prisoner of a system which ruins the private milieu to keep the people in poverty and outstretched-hand to the state,” Klaus Iohannis said at his first electoral meeting, organised in Craiova.
He sustained that Victor Ponta is “this system’s” person, “of the barons who rule the counties as some feuds of their own”.
“Romania’s well done job is my answer, is an attitude, a way to do things thoroughly, seriously and regardfully for the people. And I’m not fighting for me, I fight for you and for my Romania. Join me in these elections, give me your hope, trust and force and I’ll give you my determination and my strength so together we build Romania’s well done job”, Iohannis added.
The ACL candidate to the presidential elections told the participants in the meeting from the counties of Oltenia, as well as those from Teleorman, Giurgiu, Arges, Dambovita that in this electoral campaign he wants to debunk the myth according to which “Oltenia is red”
Udrea: “I am the only one who could offer Romanians the chance to dignity”
The People’s Movement Party (PMP) president Elena Udrea, started on Saturday her electoral tour at Drobeta Turnu-Severin (southwestern Romania), where the 8th edition of the cultural event “Toamna severineana” takes place.
“I’ve chosen to start my way to the Cotroceni Palace here, in the Mehedinti County, since I am an honorary citizen of Drobeta Turnu-Severin and my most powerful organisation is here. During my mandate as Minister of the Regional Development I have supported local projects assessed at over 120 million euros”, Elena Udrea told AGERPRES.
She said that through her political programme “Beautiful Romania” she will continue to militate for the recognition of the national economy, among other priorities being the industrialisation of Mehedinti and of the other counties of the country.
“I admit, I’m not perfect, yet I’ve left something behind me. Romanian nationals have the right to a decent life, to a performing health system, based on palpable realities, to a tuition system at the level of the other countries worldwide, without the politics’ interference. We need all this to build a functional rule of law. I am the only one who could offer the Romanians the chance to dignity and real democracy. I have faith in the Romanian nationals”, Udrea said.

“Should I am president of Romania I will never cohabitate with Prime Minister Victor Ponta. (…) I don’t have in mind right now a name of the future Prime Minister, yet I can divulge you of his profile: eventual not a member of the political class, with experience, with knowledge of how to promote all activity fields, (capable) to rend the state institutions apolitical, to commence approaches for the amending of Romania’s fundamental law “, the PMP leader said.
Tariceanu: “I’m the only one who could beat Victor Ponta”
The Senate’s chair, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, an independent candidate in the November presidential elections says he is the only one who could beat the PSD leader, Prime minister Victor Ponta, whom he considers his main competitor.
“I can see a team more numerous than I expected in Sibiu, it’s obvious I’m in a campaign. (…) This gives me confidence that I’m going to achieve my goal, namely to get to the second tour (….) I’m the only candidate who could beat Victor Ponta”, on Saturday declared in Sibiu Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, in a press conference.
Tariceanu is confident
he could outrun the PNL president, Klaus Iohannis.
“The last polls show that Ponta, who has the advantage to be Prime minister, has a consolidated position , it’s obvious the favourite for the second tour, and on the second place ranks until now Klaus Iohannis. What happens to Iohannis is a fast decrease of support, because of his issues with the Justice, of course I’m talking about his ANI (National Integrity Agency) dossier and certainly the citizens lose trust. And not only the citizens, but his own ACL (Christian Liberal Alliance) members”, Tariceanu said.
The Senate chair said that candidate Klaus Iohannis’s behavior is “incorrect”.
“If he knew he had issues with the Justice, he should not have entered the presidential race”, Tariceanu said.
He is certain he will be voted by many Sibiu inhabitants, especially after he talked more than one hour with the small producers in the peasants’ marketplace in Sibiu. Tariceanu has received a lot of products for free, as well as congratulations and encouragements from the sellers. During his electoral visit in the Transilvania peasants’ marketplace, Tariceanu received a calendar with Victor Ponta from one of the latter’s supporters. Another local didn’t refrain himself to praise Klaus Iohannis, trying to convince Tariceanu of the beauty of Sibiu and the (Iohannis) mayor’s merits.
Tariceanu compared Iohannis with incumbent president Traian Basescu.
“I’m telling you that now, the way he presents himself, Iohannis is but a kind of copy of Basescu, only with a human face. It is this what he manages to be through everything that happens. I did a research immediately after I launched the demand to suspend president Basescu. Iohannis was pushed by (democratic-liberal leader) Blaga immediately to say he was against it. He has rallied immediately to the viewpoint of the PDL, which dominates him. (…) The PNL is completely wiped out, Iohannis has no experience and Blaga is conducting him. Unfortunately, this is the reality and it is not only me saying it. Even (former PNL leader) Antonescu has found himself saying he is looking to Iohannis and is seeing another PDL candidate”, he added.
Melescanu: “I’m the only candidate whose profile matches the one of a president”
The former chief of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) Teodor Melescanu says he is the only candidate for the November presidential elections whose profile matches the one of a president.
“My chances are given by what I represent from the point of view of a candidate for Romania’s Presidency. I’m the one and absolutely only one of all the candidates who has a long experience in the state’s activity. I’m the only one with a profile matching the one of a president. The president has attributions in defence, public order and security: I used to be a minister of Defence, I used to be a SIE director. The foreign policy, another extremely important responsibility of a president. I don’t mean to brag, but I used to be a good Foreign Affairs minister, and I have an experience which is extremely useful to me. And, ultimately, everything that regards legality and the functioning of Justice, besides the fact I’m a Law graduate, I used to be an interim Justice minister, of course, but I have all the necessary knowledge to perform my activity with maximum of competence. I assure you I am a good Romanian, too”, Melescanu said on Saturday in Sibiu.
He presented his projects on the health system’s reform in front of a health insurance private company’s employees.
“My main priority as regards the health system’s reform will be the law on the health insurance, which is why I am here today, to discuss. I truly believe that the current system, which is based strictly on the contributions to the state, could not last. We already witness this. (…) This reform is of utmost importance, a reform referring to the financing of the public health system and the private health system”, Teodor Melescanu, an independent candidate for the Romanian Presidency said.
He added that he entered the electoral campaign later because he realised that none of the other candidates “has neither the profile, nor the necessary competence” to be president of Romania.

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