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March 2, 2021

Traian Basescu’s private meeting with Viktor Orban increases tension between Palaces

The declaration war between the Presidency (Cotroceni Palace) and the Government (Victoria Palace), stirred by the recent statements made by Mrs. Victoria Nuland, reached a new level on Friday, on the topic of the private meeting President Basescu had attended in Bucharest with Hungary’s PM Razboiul declaratiilor dintre Palate pe seama declaratiilor domnei Victoria Nuland s-a inflamat si mai mult vineri, pe tema intalnirii private pe care presedintele Traian Basescu a avut-o la Bucuresti cu premierul Ungariei, Viktor Orban. Orban had been in Romania since Thursday and had visited a Hungarian language Faculty of the Private University “Sapientia”, had attended the opening of the new building of the Calvinist Theology High School in Cluj Napoca, a building that will host an apprentice school, and had visited a school in the village Rascruci, founded by the ethnographer Kallos Zoltan.
President Traian Basescu mentioned that his meeting with Hungarian PM Viktor Orban was “a private encounter”, and that it included a discussion about how certain Hungarian politicians approach issues regulated by the Romanian Constitution.
“It is not an official meeting, it is a private encounter. I knew that Mr. Orban was visiting Cluj and therefore I invited him to visit Bucharest, as well. On this occasion, we discussed about the evolution of Romanian – Hungarian relations, about how certain Hungarian politicians approach issues that should be solved by the Romanian Constitution, and, generally, certain risks that could affect the great relations of Hungary and Romania”, President Basescu declared before meeting Viktor Orban.
President Basescu also declared that “there will be no press release after this meeting”.
Ponta: Basescu should have apologized and cancelled the meeting with Orban
PM Victor Ponta had declared on Friday, at Rovinari, that Traian Basescu should have apologized and demanded and cancellation of the meeting with Viktor Orban, instead of dining with him, after the USA have criticised Hungary for lack of respect to citizen rights and liberties.
“I think President Basescu has an unfortunate moment, as he is just amiably dining with Viktor Orban, criticised by the USA and by Europe, and, instead of apologizing or cancelling this inappropriate dinner, he tried to explain it as he always does. I wish the President a good appetite dining with Viktor Orban in the day Mrs. Nuland and President Obama are criticising Hungary”, PM Victor Ponta declared.
Ponta said that, were he to be the President, he would never do such thing and, actually, as Prime Minister, he did not invite Orban to dinner, like Basescu did.
“Mr. Basescu thinks it is an intelligent thing for Romania to have a friendly dinner with Mr. Orban, but I would not have done it as a President. See, I did not do it as a Prime Minister. After all, Mr. Orban is my counterpart”, the PM declared.

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