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April 12, 2021

Romanian Academy hosted communications panel and exhibition dedicated to King Carol I

The Romanian Academy organized yesterday a history communications panel on the subject “King Carol I. 175 years since birth – 100 years since passing”.
Besides prestigious Academy members, well known for their contribution to Romanian science, such as Academy President Ionel-Valentin Vlad, Academy member Dan Berindei, professor – doctor Mircea Dumitru, the President of the Bucharest University and corresponding Academy member professor doctor  Victor Axenciuc, honorary member of the Academy professor doctor Mircea Dutu – the event was also attended by His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania and His Highness Prince Nicholas, from behalf of the Royal House of Romania. The panel was accompanied by an exhibition organized by the Stamp Cabinet of the Romanian Academy Library, an exhibition that included original photographs made by famous photographers who have worked in Romania, such as Carol Popp de Szathmari, Franz Duschek sr. and jr., Franz Mandy and other prestigious photographers who have illustrated the reigning of King Carol I: portraits, visits all over the country and abroad, some of the great events attended by the King, the War of Independence, the foundation of the Romanian Kingdom, followed by Carol’s coronation as King Carol I in 1881, as well as the numerous institutions that were founded under the patronage of the great King. Also, the exhibition included photographs and albums of King Carol’s funerary procession in 1914 as well as the mourning of the entire country.
Moreover, the exhibition included several portraits etched or drawn by reputed Romanian artists, such as Carol Popp de Szathmari, Theodor Aman, Gabriel Popescu, as well as etchings representing significant scenes of this grandiose period of Romanian history.
Ponta: The Great Union was possible because King Carol I put Romania’s interests above anything else
PM Victor Ponta attended the opening of the exhibition “King Carol I. 175 years since birth – 100 years since passing”, organized at the Academy Library. Ponta declared that the Great Union, achieved under the reigning of King Ferdinand, was possible because King Carol placed our country’s interests above anything else.
“Beside any other personal merits of King Carol I and monarchy in Romania generally, which also influence the present, in my opinion, we may emphasize two outstanding achievements: the national independence and the Great Union, that, indeed, was put into practice during the reign of King Ferdinand, but was achievable because King Carol has put the interests of our country above anything else. Therefore, I say it once again, congratulations to the Romanian Academy and the Royal House. I wish that these institutions that are fundamental to Romania, to us as a nation, would continue their prestigious activities”, Ponta declared.
On Monday, the Romanian Academy Library hosted the opening of the exhibition “King Carol I. 175 years since birth – 100 years since passing”.

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