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August 2, 2021

Cantacuzino Institute transferred from Health to Education Ministry

The General Manager of the Cantacuzino Institute Radu Iordachel stepped down last week from the leadership of this institution  after the government approved the institution’s transfer from the Health Ministry to the Education Ministry.
A week  before he first talked about his intention to resign, the Cantacuzino Institute former General Manager, Radu Iordachel, said that he was stepping down and that, as far as he was concerned, he had implemented what he had intended to and had reached his ‘”goal” of planning the “redressing of the institute”. “I am stepping down now. An interministerial committee has been sat . I presented a plan for redressing the institute. The plan was accepted. As far as I am concerned, I have reached my goal through the fact that I managed to find a way that was accepted by the committee and that will be implemented as such. From my point of view, I have done my job until this point”, Iordachel said. On the same occasion he was announcing that the production part will be still organised in the institute, but as a trading company, while the research part will go to the Ministry of Research. “The Cantacuzino  Institute has been transferred from the Health Ministry to the Education Ministry, as a consequence of an older discussion dating back from 2012. Back then there was also an emergency ordinance transferring all research institutes to the Education Ministry. The Institute has now been transferred to the Education Ministry for reorganization. In fact, these steps are taken in order to erase its debts, at least those owed to ANAF, which have reached very high levels,” Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu announced last Friday at the ceremony to mark the 55th anniversary of Fundeni Institute.
The Health Minister pointed out that the Institute’s debt owed to the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF) stands at around RON 11 M.
Banicioiu also stated that a new management has to be appointed at the Cantacuzino Institute, a professional person that “would understand both the research side and the production side” being sought. Banicioiu pointed out that an interministerial commission will continue to assist the Institute.
‘There are a few variants of persons. We are consulting with those who know about these things. I can confess to you that one of the persons I am consulting with to see what can be done at the Cantacuzino Institute is Prof. Streinu-Cercel. I repeat, the interministerial committee will make the decision and the Health Ministry will implement that decision’, Banicioiu said.
He invited to patience to allow things to ‘take their normal course’. ‘Let’s allow things to take their normal course as they have after the talks on the interministerial committee.
Asked whether there will be a company that will coordinate the Institute’s production activity, Banicioiu stated that this could be an option but the decision will be taken within the interministerial commission.
Asked whether anyone will be held accountable for the debts accumulated by the Cantacuzino Institute, Banicioiu answered: “The culprits will be held accountable. I’m not an investigator. We have made all intimations precisely because we want all culprits held accountable. As you well know, there is an ongoing criminal investigation handled by the Prosecutor’s Office. It is taking place now, everyone is being heard, the normal course taken by a criminal investigation.” “A first step in the reorganization would be the erasure of the debts, because they lost the contract with the Bucharest Health Insurance House because of them and were no longer able to conduct medical check-ups,” Banicioiu pointed out.
Romanian anti-flu vaccine as of 2015
Before stepping out, former general manager said he didn’t  know if he will be further  a member of the Board of the Cantacuzino Institute.However, he said he is happy that he managed to complete his term. ‘I have concluded the plan I had here. I did everything I intended to do in respect of re-launching the institute, I have fought a lot for this to happen’, Radu Iordachel noted. In his opinion, 2015 will definitely be the year when the national anti-flu immunization campaign will use local serum produced at the Cantacuzino Institute.

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