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September 20, 2021

Fundeni Clinical Institute celebrated 55 years of activity

The Fundeni Clinical Institute has recently reached its 55th year of activity. Throughout this period, the doctors of the prestigious institute have uninterruptedly worked for approximately 500,000 hours, have performed tens of millions of medical procedures, have treated millions of patients, have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and have registered tens of medical discoveries.  Being one of Romania’s most important medical units, the Fundeni Institute has shown, throughout the years, a continuous inclination to development and innovation, by its numerous projects representing world premieres, as well as by implementing innovative medical techniques and procedures.
“When we are talking about the Fundeni Clinical Institute, we are talking about 55 years of permanent medical activity in the service of patients, but also about an outstanding medical unit with an impressive history. We annually have over 80,000 patients hospitalized for a longer period, and hundreds of thousands hospitalized for a day. This year alone, so far, we have performed over 100 kidney transplants and almost 100 liver transplants. Moreover, we cannot but mention the bone marrow transplant section of our institute which was started in 2001 and, so far, has registered over 600 bone marrow transplants. And we do not intend to stop here”, doctor docent Carmen Orban, manager of the Fundeni Clinical Institute, declared.
As a celebration of the Days of the Fundeni Clinical Institute, the health care unit continues the projects developed for the benefit of patients. This year, construction works have started, for the  new Centre of Excellence in Translational Medicine, that has recently gained financing.
On the occasion of this year’s celebratory event, the Institute hosted last Thursday the inauguration of the Transfusion Point, which means that the centre for blood donation was opened after seven years of pause.
According to Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu, the reopening of the Transfusion Point was necessary, as the Fundeni Clinical Institute was among the hospitals that required huge quantities of blood. This is mainly because among the surgeries performed at the institute, there are kidney transplants, liver transplants, and, starting this autumn, bone marrow transplant in 24 –hour continuous infusion. “Today, we have the pleasant mission of opening several departments of this institute. The reopening of the transfusion point is a very good thing. We were announcing it a month ago, as a project. I am happy that applying it required less than a month. I am happy that we are finally able to reopen it, after seven years, given the fact that requirements for blood and blood byproducts is indeed huge at Fundeni”, Minister Nicolae Banicioiu, who had attended the inauguration, declared.
Over 40 persons will be able to donate blood every day
The transfusion centre of Fundeni is the first unit of this specialization to be opened in a hospital in Bucharest. Soon, other similar centres will be created at other major hospitals in Bucharest. “At the centre in Fundeni, healthy donors will donate blood. The blood will be collected here and then sent to the Bucharest Centre, to be tested, validated and processed. Afterwards, it is delivered back to the hospital. We cannot say there is a blood crisis, but our requirements are perpetually huge. I would like to add that the service which is most efficient in the actions regarding transfusions is the Bucharest Ambulance. They are always beside us, ready to send a vehicle to carry blood, during the day and night”, Doina Gosa, manager of the Bucharest Transfusion Centre declared. According to doctor Carmen Orban, manager of the Fundeni Clinical Institute, a daily number of 40 to 50 persons, relatives of patients hospitalized by various departments of the hospital, residents of Fundeni commune and employees of the Institute will be offered conditions to donate blood. “All costs for the foundation and the activity of the centre are supported by us, and our employees are really ours. Our employees work day by day, they have no day of rest”, doctor Carmen Orban declared.
Besides the Transfusion Point, on Thursday, a compartment included in the Gastroenterology Section, a compartment dedicated to patients suffering of oncologic diseases was also inaugurated on Thursday.
Two new laboratories, one of Cytogenetics and one of Immuno-Fenotipation, that  will contribute to the precision of analyses and also to the early diagnosis of acute leukaemia, were also opened on Thursday, after being founded as part of a program initiated last week. More precisely, labs have been completely renovated and equipped with two of the newest and best devices: an automatic chromosome analysis system and an automatic flow cytrometry analyser. “Using these up-to-date equipments, we enjoy a significant improvement in our activity and our results. Analyses performed at these labs help us establish a precise diagnosis and, also, determining risk categories, selecting therapies adapted to the risks and early identifications of the persons who need immediate bone marrow transplant. These analyses also allow us to follow the patient’s response to therapy, said doctor Daniel Coriu, manager of the Bone Marrow Transplant Centre declared, as quoted by Agerpres.

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