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February 28, 2021

Is Klaus Iohannis announcing withdrawal from presidential race?

Klaus Iohannis, ACL candidate in the presidential election, has told Radio France Internationale that he would have to make ‘a gesture of morality’ if he loses his case against the National Integrity Agency pending before the High Court of Cassation and Justice.
‘I am not at all nervous about this. I do not mean to say that, if I lose the case I would be indifferent to that, no way. In that case, I will have to make a gesture of morality, not necessarily legality, because, legally, things are very simple: a final candidacy may not be withdrawn’, Klaus Iohannis stated, adding that, procedurally speaking, his case cannot be heard before the November presidential election.
Invited to specify what such gesture of morality would consist of, Iohannis answered: ‘I will have to take attitude on the resolution that we will have then. Be sure that I will take a step everybody will be happy with’.
On the other hand, the Liberal leader said he was not at all nervous about the trial, given his previous disputes with ANI that had been settled in court. ‘The court of first instance found in my favour in the case against ANI, whose report was totally demolished. I am not in incompatibility and the High Court of Cassation and Justice is not going to hear the matter again. It will only check if all rules were observed when the matter was first adjudicated. Honestly, I am not nervous at all. I am tranquil and I know that I will won this case as I have won all other cases against ANI, in all phases of the proceedings’, Iohannis added.
“I would have expected something different from Antonescu”
Klaus Iohannis said he would have expected the former leader of PNL, Crin Antonescu, to support him in the presidential race, because it would be an absolutely normal thing for a former Liberal president to be a hundred percent for the candidate of his own party.
Asked on RFI how he saw Antonescu’s reservations about supporting his candidacy in the election, Iohannis answered: ‘I admit I would have expected something different, not for me, but for the National Liberal Party. It seemed absolutely normal to me for a former PNL president to be a hundred per cent for the candidate of his own party. Anything else raises questions’.
“Maior did not quit, he is just placing himself at disposal”
Iohannis was also asked on RFI on Tuesday what he thought about the gesture of the SRI head to resign from office and the fact that he had said the new president would need to evaluate his term and reconfirm him or not.
‘To me it seems a very honourable attitude and I didn’t understand that he was resigning, I understand that he is placing himself at the disposal of the future president, after election, which seems very fair and reconfirms that he is 100% a professional’, said the PNL leader. He was asked if he personally would like to keep Maior as head of SRI. ‘I believe Mr. Maior is a very good head for SRI’, Iohannis answered. He was also asked if he thought Maior could be the new prime minister. ‘I am not considering now what will happen in the future. We, in ACL, have a protocol – if I become president, we will have a clear candidate for prime minister. These things will not be my main concern at this stage in the presidential campaign. These are concerns for the next phase, when we start building the new government’, Iohannis also said.
“There is obviously corruption, but fight against is gets underway”
’Romania continues to deal with a pretty high level of corruption, but the results of the fight against this phenomenon are promising, PNL leader  said on Monday night in an interview with Digi 24 private broadcaster.
“There is obviously corruption, but fight against is gets underway. … No one can say we do not fight corruption, there are results. We have some interesting results if we think about the convicted politicians. This makes me optimistic and I have to say that, yes, there is corruption, but the fight against it gets underway and things are heading to the right direction,” Iohannis said.
ACL’s candidate considers that in order to continue the fight against corruption, it’s necessary to strengthen the rule of law and guarantee the judiciary’s independence, and the future president of Romania will have to engage in these fields.
He added that the latest actions of the anti-corruption prosecutors should not monopolize the public space and completely distract attention from the real issues that should be debated in the election campaign.
“Pensioneers deserve a truly decent living”
Also on Monday Klaus Iohannis met about 800 pensioners to unveil his projects for them.
‘In a Romania where things are well done, which is my vision, pensioners have a decent living in the real world, not just promises, and they are truly respected. The first proof of respect is the capability of the society to offer better lives to its senior citizens. I believe that the fear of having pensions cut or the doubt whether or not public pensions will be paid have no place in the 21st century Romania. Paying pensions on schedule is no favour from the Government, but an obligation of the Government. It is not the Government’s merit, but a minimal proof of normalcy. As president, I will be the guarantor of your right to draw a pension being guaranteed and of the fact that the ensuing governments will not transfer their own incompetence to cuts in pensions or other rights due for work,’ said Iohannis.
Iohannis said ‘pensioners will have a truly decent living and will no longer have to worry about tomorrow when the economy starts moving, producing and creating jobs.’
He also said Romanians will have in him a president who does things thoroughly, seriously and caringly.

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