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March 8, 2021

Melescanu explains under which conditions he would accept ACL’s support

The independent candidate Teodor Melescanu had an immediate reaction on DC News Live to Klaus Iohannis’ announcement of a gesture of morality should he lose his case against ANI. The ex-SIE head says it would be a gesture of legality. More than that, T. Melescanu discloses the conditions under which he would accept ACL’s support in the presidential election.
‘There is a contradiction in what he’s saying, if the statement was in these terms, and there one can see his lack of legal training and political vision. One can resign for moral reasons, but when a court of law, especially the High Court rules that you are incompatible, it’s no longer about morality, it’s about a fundamental principle: no one is above the law and final court decisions must be generally observed.  If such thing had occurred before, he could have said he was doing it for moral reasons. If it occurs after a court decision, it’s only accepting the fact that a court decision must be enforced by everybody, first of all by a presidential candidate’, Teodor Melescanu said on DC News Live, commenting on Klaus Iohannis’ statement about ‘a gesture of morality’ if the court ruled against him in his case against ANI.
‘’It can be on moral considerations where there is no final court decision’, Teodor Melescanu noted. Asked how he would feel about PNL’s support in the context, Melescanu said on DC News Live: ‘It’s hard to design scenarios in hypothetical situations, PNL will need to decide. What I can tell you is that my position is very clear from a strictly legal point of view: I am an independent candidate. As an independent candidate, I believe the president should represent the interests of all Romanians. Anyone who wants to join me and support my candidacy is welcome, especially when it is about such an important structure in Romanian politics. The only condition I have is that they must support me and my political programme’.

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