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December 7, 2021

Monica Macovei: Tariceanu avoids me

The presence of the spokesperson of Senate Speaker and Reforming Liberal Party (PLR) presidential candidate Calin Popescu Tariceanu at an elections debate on TVR on Monday evening sparked the discontent of Monica Macovei, the independent presidential candidate invited on the set.   “This evening on TVR1 there should have been an elections debate between me and Calin Popescu Tariceanu. The participants were established through a draw. TVR has informed me that Mr. Tariceanu refuses to take part in the debate and will send his spokesperson instead. I have asked the public television channel to leave the chair empty if Mr. Tariceanu is not coming, because people will vote for candidates not for their spokespersons. Moreover, the major issues I want to talk with Mr. Tariceanu or with the TVR anchor if the former is not taking part are the following: the independence of the judiciary, the fight against corruption, foreign policy and national security. These issues are found among the prerogatives of the Romanian President and we cannot accept the public debate being derailed by issues that have nothing to do with the profile of a presidential candidate.
Mr. Tariceanu’s refusal to take part in this debate with me on TVR is an affront to Romanians and another proof of the fact that he is only playing into PSD’s hands. Victor Ponta did not have the courage to take part in a debate either and he has sent a representative.
I am using this opportunity to ask Mr. Tariceanu to have the courage to take part in an open debate with me, on TVR, on issues of interest for Romanians and issues that fall within the Romanian President’s prerogatives.
It is contempt towards all Romanians for a candidate to send a representative to talk about the issues in election debates, few in number as it is, on the public television channel.
How could candidates like Tariceanu and Ponta represent Romania’s interest if they are to become president, if they are running away from a televised debate?” Mrs. Macovei stated on the set of the “President for Romania” show moderated by Sorin Avram.

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