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September 30, 2022

‘La Tiganci’, an adaptation of Mircea Eliade’s short story premiered at Unteatru

The ‘La tiganci’ play, adaptive after the short-story with the same title written by Mircea Eliade, will have its official premiere on October 14 and 17, from 19:00 and on October 18 from 16:30 and 19:00, at the Unteatru theatre in Bucharest.  According to a Mediafax release, the project is funded within the ‘Bucharest 555’ programme supported by ArCuB – the Cultural Centre of the City of Bucharest. The ‘La tiganci’ play is directed by Andrei and Andreea Grosu and the set design is signed by Vladimir Turturica. In the cast of characters we can find Richard Bovnoczki, Liviu Pintileasa, Mihaela Trofimov, Corina Moise, Florina Gleznea, Cristina Casian and Bogdan Cotle_. ‘La tiganci’ – the text that speaks in the clearest and at the same time most hidden fashion about dream. Or not. The beauty of the struggle with a text that starts from a phantastic short story is that, no matter who wins, the result is amazing: a show where we recreate an incomprehensible world which we try to decrypt through little segments of recognizable language’, reads the cited release.

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