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December 6, 2021

Head of CJ Brasov accused of corruption, investigated under legal restrictions

The head of the County Council (CJ) of Brasov, Aristotel Cancescu, will be investigated under legal restrictions in the file he is charged of corruption based on preferential attribution of contracts on public money, according to the decision reached on Tuesday evening by the High Court.
The same preventive measure was also ordered in the case of Gabriel Bagiu, manager of SC Ramb Sistem SRL Brasov.
The verdict reached by the High Court of Cassation and Justice is not definitive and may be appealed at the same institution. The public manager of CJ Brasov, Radu Ispas, was arrested besides Cancescu and Bagiu by the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) Brasov on Monday evening, yet, no proposal of preventive arrest was filed to Court on his name.
The head of CJ Brasov, Aristotel Cancescu (PNL) is investigated by anticorruption prosecutors for bribe-taking, influence peddling, abuse of office – when the civil servant gains undeserved benefit for himself or for others.
According to investigators, the companies favoured for the attribution of contracts by CJ Brasov are owned by Gabriel Bagiu and Ion Dinita, PC Deputy, also investigated in this file.
Therefore, as a result of illegal payments made by CJ Brasov to the company SC Gotic SA, owned by Dinita, the public institution registered a prejudice of over EUR 7.6 million.
Moreover, the company SC Ramb Sistem undeservedly cashed over RON 660,000, and Cancescu intervened so that the company would gain another contract of RON 20 million, on the renovation of the Brasov County Emergency Hospital, although the auction had been won by another company.
This file also mentions the Vicepresident of CJ Brasov, Mihai Pascu, and employees reporting to Cancescu.
Cancescu: The position of Head of CJ brought me no money at all
The Head of the City Council of Brasov, Aristotel Cancescu, accused of corruption, declared on Wednesday that he has “earned nothing” since he is filling this position and invited journalists to visit his property in Rasnov, where he merely owns “two wooden houses, two barns and plenty of poultry”.
In a press conference, Aristotel Cancescu declared that the Gotic SA and Ramb Sistem, allegedly favoured in auctions by the head of CJ Brasov, signed no contracts with the institution he is presently heading for four years.
“I want to explain a few things”. The expression “Cancescu’s household companies” has appeared many times in newspapers. Neither of the two companies,  Gotic and Ramb Sistem, have won a contract with the County Council for four years. There is nothing more to add on this topic”, Cancescu declared, claiming that the press has published “many comments, some of them ridiculous”, about him.
“There were many comments aiming my wealth. I want to tell you that my position of Head of the County Council brought me no money at all. The money I have in my accounts if the money you may find in my declaration of wealth as well. All my money was cashed from the sale of frequencies, as you all know that I have owned the national Mix network and I sold it in 2007. Here you have the contract. There were 33 audiovisual licences sold for EUR 5 million. At the same time, I paid the state the sum of Ron 3.2 million, representing almost EUR 900,000, the 16 per cent tax on this income. It is not just that I never took money from the state, I actually gave money to the state and it is a considerable amount. Neither the media made me rich. Your bosses certainly know what the Romanian press is going through and how difficult survival is. I do not think anybody expects to get rich by owning media”, the head of CJ Brasov added.
At the end of the press conference, Aristotel Cancescu invited journalists “on a Thursday or Friday visit” to his property in Rasnov, in order to show them that he merely owned “two wooden houses, one made of logs and one of planks, two barns and plenty of poultry”.
“And the final thing is related to my so-called mansions in Rasnov. I will invite you home, in Rasnov, on a Thursday or Friday visit, to see that O merely have two wooden houses, one made of logs and one of planks, two barns and plenty of poultry . It is a farm of hens, turkeys, pheasants and swans. I also have a few deers. I legally own everything I have”,  Cancescu mentioned.
He refused to reply to journalists’ questions on the legal pursuit, mentioning that there was only one restriction imposed by the Court, “to leave the country”.

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