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March 4, 2021

Macovei: “If Ponta, Iohannis, Tariceanu or Udrea win the elections, there’s no future for DNA”

Former Justice Minister Monica Macovei, independent candidate to the Presidential elections, declared that if Victor Ponta, Klaus Iohannis, Calin Popescu Tariceanu or Elena Udrea would win the election, there would be no future for the National Anticorruption Department (DNA). Macovei also mentioned that politicians have various manners of avoiding legal pursuit.
“In the case Mr. Ponta, Mr. Iohannis, Mr. Tariceanu or Ms. Udrea would win the election, there’s no future for DNA. Either they will change the manager, or they will merge it with another institution: there are many ways of stopping it”, Monica Macovei declared on Tuesday evening in Ploiesti, during a meeting with journalists, before debates with her supporters in the campaign for the presidential chair.
The former Justice Minister added that former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu had tried to merge DNA with another institution as early as 2007.
“Actually, Tariceanu had attempted to do it in 2007, after he kicked me out of the Government. He had already prepared the emergency ordinance stipulating the merging of DNA with others, and was prepared to claim, as he actually tried, that it would be a new institution and it would require new management”, Macovei pointed out. The independent candidate to the top position in the state also mentioned that politicians may use various means in order not to be prosecuted. “The politicians hate being investigated, pursued. Nobody likes that, neither do we. But the difference is that politicians may use legal means, by example a change in the law, emergency ordinances, government decrees, to satisfy this desire, to stop being prosecuted, to keep their entire wealth, to steal, to keep both the money and freedom”, Macovei also mentioned.
Referring to the attitude of Victor Ponta on Justice, Macovei criticised the Head of the Government, claiming that “he is against the law, he is against justice, he is against applying laws.”

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