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February 27, 2021

Misu Dinvale wins competition for director of Teatrul Mic of Bucharest

Actor Misu (Mihai) Dinvale has been declared successful in the September competition for the selection of the director of Teatrul Mic of Bucharest, according to the Bucharest Municipality website.
Following the competition for the management of Teatrul Mic, organized under DPG No. 703/2014 and Public Notice No. 3258/19.08.2014, Misu Dinvale has been declared the winner, with a score of 8.63.
Previously, Teatrul Mic had been headed by the actor Florin Calinescu, who obtained a small score in the evaluation of his managerial performance in 2013. The Bucharest Municipality held a competition for the selection of a new manager for the theatre.
Misu (Mihai) Dinvale was born in Targu-Mures in 1950. He has played both in films and TV series and in theatrical productions. Some of the films and TV series he has acted in are ‘Legaturi boln_vicioase’ (2006), ‘Iubire ca în filme’ (2006), ‘Cu un pas înainte’ (2007), ‘Cealalta Irina’ (2009) and ‘Sunt o baba comunist_’ (2013). In theatre, he has played in ‘Mrs. Warren’s Profession’ by G.B. Shaw, ‘The Sunshine Boys’ by Neil Simon, ‘Si tu mourais’ by Florian Zeller and ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare.

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