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February 28, 2021

Teodorovici to Udrea: EU Funds directed to Romania are not used for electoral purposes

Minister Eugen Teodorovici declared, regarding previous accusations by Elena Udrea that the Government used EU funds to purchase food and distribute it on election day that no EU funds are used for electoral purposes and any statements on their detour are “mere misinformation”.
European Funds Minister Eugen Teodorovici issued a press release on Tuesday, including several mentions in response the Elena Udrea’s statement that the Government allegedly bought food from EU funds in order to share it ob election day.
In this release, Teodorovici mentioned that the Ministry of European Funds is presently undergoing a procedure of purchasing food for the deprived. “The support destined to these people will be purchased using funds granted by zje EU especially for this purpose, from the Fund for European Aid for the Most Deprived (FEAD), attracted by our country through the Operational Program of Aid for the Deprived”, Teodorovici mentioned.
“The Ministry of European Funds has launched the procedure of acquisition for material assistance granted to people living in difficult conditions, more precisely by distributing packages. According to attribution documents, 6.6 million packages will be purchased and distributed to 3.3 million persons”, Teodorovici added in his press release.
He also outlined that the Operational Program of Aid for the Deprived was officially transmitted to the European Commission by the middle of September, and the Ministry of European Funds estimated that the program would be approved in 2004, which meant that the program must be implemented in order to assure the engagement of the sums for 2014 and the afferent pre-financing. The value of EU funds granted for the year 2014 totalizes over EUR 108 million.
Eugen Teodorovici also pointed out that “EU funds granted to Romania are not used for electoral purposes and any statements on their alleged detour are mere misinformation and electoral manipulation”.
“Mrs. Udrea should be thoroughly familiar with the mechanism of granting and using EU funds. If this is not the case and she has other misunderstandings, I invite her to ask questions to my colleagues, in the spirit of transparency and open dialogue. The Ministry of European Funds is ready to answer any questions”, Teodorovici concluded.
Udrea: “I will notify European institutions on a fund detour performed by the Ponta Government”
The PMP candidate to Presidency, Elena Udrea, had declared on Tuesday that she intended to notify the European institutions regarding the way European Funds are “detoured” by the Ponta Government and that she will file a complaint to the Prosecutors’ Office demanding them to check the organization of an auction on the purchase of food packages.
During a press conference held on Tuesday, Udrea had declared that she was issuing a warning related to a “detour of European funds of approximately EUR 100 million” for the purchase of 6.6 million food packages for deprived persons.
“I want to reveal you a concrete and absolutely unbelievable case happening these days, a detour of European funds totalizing approximately EUR 100 million. On September 20, the electronic system of public acquisitions showed an announcement of an auction on the purchase of 6.6 million food packages for the deprived. Throughout 2014, Victor Ponta had waited for the electoral campaign in order to buy this food and share it precisely during the elections”, Udrea declared.
She had also shown that the money for these packages comes from European aid funds, that the packages would weight 18 kg each and would include flour, maize flour, sugar, sunflower oil, pasta and canned meat and would be distributed on Election Day.
“This is how PSD purchases votes every time; this time they do it out of European funds”, Elena Udrea pointed out, mentioning that the auction for the puchase of these food packages violated applicable laws and that “Victor Ponta is using European funds to bribe voters and to gain votes”.
Udrea also mentioned that, in her position as head of PMP and candidate to the Presidential chair, she would initiate two actions in this case. “I will send a notification to the institutions in Brussels, showing the way EU funds granted to the Ponta Government are detoured and used for electoral purpose and I will file a complaint to the Prosecutors’ Office, requesting them to check the course of this auction, as it is obvious that it violates the laws.”

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