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February 28, 2021

The “Ramniceanu Retrospective” exhibition to be opened on Friday at Mogosoaia Palace

The “Ramniceanu Retrospective” Exhibition, including 300 works, many of them borrowed from private collections, representing a synthesis of the 26 years od activity and success all over Europe, achieved by artist Stefan Ramniceanu, will be opened this Friday at the Mogosoaia Palace, a press release sent to Mediafax announces.
In a gesture of obvious symbolic significance, Stefan Ramniceanu returns to a Romanian gallery 26 years after his latest exhibition at Curtea Veche in Bucharest (Ferecatura, 1988). The exhibition was accompanying an intimate celebration of 300 years since the enthroning of Constantin Brancoveanu.
This year will include an ample commemoration of three centuries since the martyrdom of the king of Romanian culture. Generously evocative, Stefan Ramniceanu’s vision focuses on the image of the man who loved books and of the magnanimous prince, of the outstanding supporter of arts that was Constantin Basarab Brancoveanu.
The exhibition offers the audience a selection consisting of over 300 remarkable works, many of them borrowed from private collection, a synthesis of Ramniceanu’s 26 years of successful work. Besides painting, drawing and etching, the artist reveals himself as a sculptor, too, presenting 30 works made in wood and metal, many of monumental size, created throughout the last years.
The works exhibited at the Mogosoaia Palace, in the space of the new Vacaresti Memorial Hall and at AtelieRamniceanu belong to different formally coherent cycles, evocatively named Ferecatura (The Locking), Manuscris (Manuscript), Camasa zidurilor (The Shirt of Walls), Carturari (Literates), Apostolii de lut (Clay Apostles), Stalpul (The Pillar), Idoli (Idols), Centauri (Centaurs), Noptile de aur (Golden Nights), Omul universal (The Universal Man), Scrisori din insule (Letters from the islands).
Each cycle proposes a new visual theme and an innovation of technique and material that aims various zones of expressiveness, determining courageously assumed confrontation with the material to suggest spiritual values by the sheer overuse of paste (a subject of real alchemy), of texture and dimension.
The exhibition will be inaugurated at the Mogosoaia Palace on Friday, at 4:00 PM, by Academy member Razvan Theodorescu, joined by art critic Magda Carneci, editor-in-chief of the Arta magazine, while the exhibition at AtelieRamniceanu will be hosted by the artist himself, starting at 7:00 PM.
Stefan Ramniceanu was born on August 15, 1954, studied at the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Visual Arts Institute in Bucharest, which he graduated in 1979 and debuted at the Atelier 35 and Orizont Galleries, as a member of the 80s generation.
Established in France after 1990, Ramniceanu was a scholarship of the French state in 1992. The artist had numerous successful exhibitions in major galleries of France, Belgium, Greece, Brussels and finally approached the East too – to which he showed major artistic affinity – by remarkable exhibitions in Istanbul.

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