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January 27, 2023

“The judiciary know how to do their job very well”

Ponta on influence of latest verdicts in corruption cases

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta told B1 TV news channel by phone on Wednesday that, in his opinion, the fight against corruption is waged against corrupted persons, not against a party.
When asked whether the latest corruption cases, namely the case of Brasov County Council chairman Aristotel Cancescu  (PNL) and Liberal senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu have an influence on the ongoing electoral campaign for Romanian president to be elected on Nov. 2 and whether any of the presidential candidates might stand to lose because of the parties they represent, Ponta answered, ‘Any voter will stand to gain, as they will thus learn the truth’.
“One of the topics of PNL candidate Mr. Iohannis was that it was only the PSD  that has problems and only the PSD that has barons and only the PSD that has persons who have been sentenced. I believe the fight against corruption is not the fight against a party – and this is the reason why I’ve always reacted and I always defend my own party -, it is the fight against corrupted persons, who probably exist in all parties and I think this hypocrisy and lie like “all the bad guys are in the PSD, so vote for me, Iohannis, because my party has only angels’ has passed”, the prime minister said.
He was also asked about a corruption file involving former Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu and senator Serban Mihailescu, but Ponta denied the parliamentarians might attempt to protect them.
‘To be honest, I do not think so because Mrs Andronescu does not need to be protected by anybody. I think that most of those who know her are quite aware of what she has done in life and what her moral standing is. Absolutely everybody should be treated the same, also when the judicial system is used for political attacks and for political propaganda. Therefore, if we no longer used the judicial system for politics only – and it is ironical that it is being used by those who probably have the biggest problem with tax evasion – then justice would of course be more efficient and less of a topic of discussion in politics. I do not use it in politics and I think the judiciary know how to do their job very well”, Ponta said.

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