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February 7, 2023

25 international experts gather in Bucharest for ‘The Road to the ‘Unwanted’ War of 1914′ conference

Foreign Affairs Minister Titus Corlatean on Thursday participated in the international conference ‘The Road to the ‘Unwanted’ War of 1914′ devoted to the commemoration of 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, organised by the Faculty of History of the University of Bucharest and the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE).
‘The commemoration in 2014 of the centenary of the outbreak of the World War One, a moment of a major importance in the universal history, gathers in Bucharest 25 international experts, coming from 10 European countries and the USA, among whom we bring to mind: Annika Mombauer (United Kingdom, Open University), Lothar Hobelt (Austria, University of Viena), Richard Hall (USA, Georgia Southwestern State University), Christina Koulouri (Greece, Panteion University Athens), Christian Wevelsiep (Germany, Flensburg University),’ a release of the University of Bucharest shows.
The conference works will be carried out over a two-day period and will focus on the following topics: the origins of the World War One, reconsidered, decision-making units in the Crisis of July, the image of ‘the enemy,’ the imagined war versus the lived war, the avoidance or the rejection of war: neutral parties, pacifists, refugees.
‘The event will focus on understanding the manner in which the political decision-making factors, the combatants and civilians saw and experienced the conflict in the early period of the Great Conflagration. As it is an event with a multidisciplinary approach on the pattern and desire of conducting a war in 1914, the programme of the conference includes a series of works from various areas, such as the cultural, social and military area or adjacent historic disciplines (the history of arts, international relations, the study of war, historic sociology, political sciences and philosophy),’ the organisers add.

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