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February 6, 2023

Cluj: 16 troupes at “Puck” International Puppet Theater Festival

The 13th edition of the “Puck” International Puppet Theater Festival will take place in Cluj on October 12-18, with 16 puppet theater troupes from the country and from abroad set to take part in it, the Mediafax correspondent informs.
According to a communiqué issued by the Cluj-based “Puck” Puppet Theater, the festival will include for the first time an interactive show prepared by the “Puck” Theater for children with ages of 3-7, as well as autistic children.
“The show presents the little ones a story whose mysteries are solved by each one of them, in turn, through a careful guidance of sensorial stimuli, the directors stressing the audience’s sensory integration into the story staged. The music is the original composition of Mara Pruna, student of the Music High School in Cluj-Napoca,” the representatives of the “Puck” Theater state.
The “Vojtina” Theater from Hungary, the Theatre de Romette from France, the “Jordi Bertran” Company from Spain, the “Licurici” Republican Theater and the “Guguta” Municipal Theater from Moldova, will take part in the festival alongside 10 of their Romanian counterparts, including the “Tandarica” Theater and “Ion Creanga” Theater from Bucharest, “Ciufulici” Theater from Ploiesti, “Ariel” Theater from Targu Mures, “Prichindel” Theater from Alba Iulia, “Gong” Theater from Sibiu, “Toni Bulandra” Theater from Targoviste, “Cimborak” Theater from Sfantu Gheorghe, “Bacovia” Theater from Bacau, “Arlechino” Theater from Brasov and the “Arcadia” band of the “Regina Maria” Theater from Oradea.
During the five days of the festival shows are scheduled to take place at the “Puck” Puppet Theater, the Military Circle, the Romanian Opera House, the Hungarian Opera House, the “Lucian Blaga” National Theater, the Hungarian Public Theater, the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy, the Faulty of Theater and Television and the Students’ Culture House.
The jury of this edition includes Sorin Crisan, Katona Joczsef, Carmen Stanciu, Maria Mierlut and Decebal Marin. The “Puck” International Puppet Theater Festival is a project financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration, with the support of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council and of the Cluj County Council.

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