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February 4, 2023

Romanian Academy President: Stefan Hell’s research, a huge step as he overcame a barrier

Ionel Valentin Vlad, President of the Romanian Academy, declared that the microscope conceived by Stefan W. Hell, one of the three winners of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, grants the opportunity of seeing life at molecular level and that it represents a “huge step”, as it has “overcome a barrier”.
On Wednesday, Ionel Valentin Vlad held a press conference based on the fact that researcher Stefan W. Hell, one of the three winners of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2004 was born in Romania, in Arad, and has been an honorary member of the Academy since 2012.
Ionel Valentin Vlad mentioned that he was the one who proposed Stefan Hell as an honorary member of the Romanian Academy. He also proposed Hell for the Nobel Prize in 2012.
“I wish Stefan Hell was living and working in Romania now. Stefan Hell was born in Romania, in Santana, near Arad. He is still a young man, he was born in 1962 and, as a high school student, he moved to Germany with his family. Yet, he speaks an excellent Romanian. He is overjoyed to remember his high school teachers and the school he attended in Romania. The times were difficult both for Romanians and the Romanian Saxons, but Stefan gladly remembers his studies and Romania and speaks very nicely of them”, the President of the Academy added.
He also mentioned that Stefan Hell “happily” visited Romania every time he was invited.
“Professor Stefan Hell has returned to Romania to attend an international conference we organized at the Academy, the international conference ROMOPTO Micro-to Nano-Photonics. He was delighted to come, he accepted no sponsorship from our behalf; he paid all his expenses. He held one of the most interesting conferences in the plenum, referring to the possibility of seeing images by using the wave length of light at the level of microns, at molecular levels, which are approximately 1,000 times smaller than the wave lengths of light. What Stefan Hell was working on and what he suggested us was breaking a resolution limit of ordinary, optical microscopes, established since 1873 by Abbe (Ernst Karl Abbe, editor’s note), another great German physicist”, Ionel Valentin Vlad declared at the press conference.
Moreover, Vlad mentioned that Stefan Hell was a great inventor, and the team accompanying him was more focused on “applying his principle”.
“The microscope Stefan Hell conceived by using this outstanding discovery provides an opportunity to see life at molecular level, to see how cells act, to see actual molecules in living cells”, Ionel Valentin Vlad enthusiastically reiterated.
Asked whether he thought Stefan Hell would return to Romania, Ionel Valentin Vlad declared that he hoped this thing could happen.
“I hope that he will visit us again. Next year is a special year. 2015 is declared by UNO and UNESCO the international year of light, so I hope that he is willing to attend our conference next year and that he will grant us a memorable lesson in the conference”, the President of the Academy further mentioned.
“Stefan Hell has earned an outstanding position at an excellent time, and this has allowed him to reach these fabulous achievements”, the President of the Academy declared, also mentioned that Stefan Hell “is an extremely open-hearted person of great kindness”.
Asked a question whether Romania had any chances of winning the Nobel Prize, Ionel Valentin Vlad declared that it was not an easy thing to do. “If you are asking me about Romania, as a country, it is obvious that the Nobel Prize would not be an easy target”.
Stefan Hell is a German citizen and has graduated the Heidelberg University in Germany, in 1990. He was born on December 23, 1962 in Romania, in Arad. In 1978, Stefan Hell moved to Germany, after finishing his first year as a high school student in Timisoara, and established to Ludwigshafen. At the time being, Hell is the head of the Chemistry and Biophysics Institute in Gottingen and the head of the Cancer Research German Institute in Heidelberg.
On Wednesday, Prime Minister Victor Ponta also hailed the performance of the Romanian born researcher Stefan W. Hell, awarded with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, and congratulated him for his success and for his work done for the benefit of humanity.
“A great news! Researcher Stefan W. Hell, born in Arad, had been awarded today the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, which he shares with Eric Betzig and William Moerner. Congratulations for your success and for your invaluable work done for the benefit of humanity! Any achievement of such value should be saluted and congratulated!”, Victor Ponta wrote on his Facebook page.

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