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October 5, 2022

Electoral campaign journal: 10 days have passed, donations flow, as well as promises of candidates

ACL, first in donations’ chart in first week of campaign

ACL (PNL-PDL) had received and declared, during the first week of Presidential elections, donations totalising RON 320,410, leaving behind the electoral alliance of PSD-UNPR-PC, which only received and declared donations of RON 312,704, according to the data issued on Friday by the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP).
The People’s Movement Party is on the third position of the donations’ chart, having received and declared RON 106,000 during the first week of electoral campaign, as mentioned by the AEP press release presenting the situation of donations received and declared by parties, alliances and independent candidates up to October 9, 2014.
Unlike ACL, PSD and PMP, which are at the top of the chart, UDMR had received and declared donations totalising RON 4000 in the mentioned period, while PPDD only received and declared donations of RON 1,052.
Therefore, the total value of donations received and declared by alliances and parties during the first week of the campaign is RON 744,166.
Of all mentioned alliances and parties, ACL and PMP were the ones to receive donations granted by legal persons during the mentioned period, totalising RON 31,760 (ACL) and RON 21,000 (PMP). The remaining sums consist of donations made by physical persons.
As for independent candidates, the chart of donations made and declared for the first week of the campaign is led by Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, who received RON 207,102.
He is followed by Teodor Melescanu (RON 92,500) and Monica Macovei (RON 55,060, including RON 28,301 donated by legal persons and RON 26,758 offered by physical persons). The lowest position in the chart goes to Gheorghe Funar, who has received RON 1,500.
Therefore, the total value of donations received and declared by independent candidates during the first week of the campaign is RON 356,162.
Totally, alliances, parties and independent candidates have received and declared during the first week of electoral campaign the sum of RON 1,100,328, consisting of RON 1,019,266 given by physical persons and 81,061 donated by legal persons.

Ponta: “If I am elected president I will refer form of government to public debate”
Premier Victor Ponta , the Social Democrat Party (PSD) chairman and a candidate in this November’s presidential elections on Saturday said in Curtea de Arges that if he is elected President he will refer the issue of the form of government to public debate; he didn’t rule out the possibility to even call a referendum on the subject.
“If I make to President, I will be that President to raise for public debate the subject of the form of government, it would be the first time that it would be done seriously, and if there is a public movement on this cause, we might even have a referendum on the subject. I think we put behind the ’90s, when we feared the King was coming to seize our country. I believe there is already a serious debate going on in the Romanian society and after we rid ourselves of all this sterile political dispute, the person who takes over as Romania’s President needs to prompt a serious debate to channel the public opinion on the form of government,” Victor Ponta said.
He added that it he has a very good relationship with the Royal House of Romania and acknowledges the important role monarchy has played in the history of the country.
“Both during my time in the opposition, and since I became Prime Minister, I maintained with the Royal House, at institutional level, a relationship I consider to be extremely positive. As a matter of fact, I am very proud that in 2011 (…) we succeeded in having that historic moment when King Michael addressed the Romanian Parliament after, I think, 65 years. It was a moment of recognition of our national values and I enjoyed it very much. After 2012, I showed on every occasion the due respect and I kept a very good relationship with the Royal House, acknowledging the fundamental role the monarchy, alongside the Church and the Romanian Army, has played in defining the Romanian national essence and the Romanian state,” Ponta emphasized.
Premier Victor Ponta attended on Saturday in Curtea de Arges the military and religious ceremony commemorating the centennial of the death of King Carol I. The Prime Minister’s visit to Arges County also included a meeting with the Dacia plant management and trade unions, and the unveiling of an anniversary plaque at the Curtea de Arges Municipal Hospital.
Victor Ponta rejects idea of attacks on family issues in the electoral campaign
Victor Ponta  has said he does not agree with a presidential contender being attacked on family issues in the electoral campaign.
‘I am very proud of my family and happy with it – I do not speak, I do not criticise and I do not agree that another contender (Iohannis, Udrea or any other one) be attacked in the campaign on family issues! Their private life is strictly their concern and must not be a topic of public debate’, Ponta said in a Facebook post on Friday.
He added he will observe the mentioned principle ‘without exception’.

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