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October 5, 2022

Iohannis: “I don’t battle Victor Ponta, but the system he represents”

About 20,000 people from several counties, according to the organizers, attended Saturday an electoral rally in Constanta in support of candidate of the Liberal Christian Alliance (ACL) Klaus Iohannis.
From the lectern set up in the Lighthouse Square of Constanta, Iohannis said the way politics is done in Romania must fundamentally change.
“We have a rich and beautiful country, but the Romanians fare badly. In Sibiu, I have proven to the Romanians that there’s another way too, and I will prove that there’s a better way possible for entire Romania. We fare badly because we are ill-governed. We need to change things from top to bottom! There is need for a different policy in Romania, a serious policy with less noise, while handling issues more carefully. Less sterile show and more solutions for Romania and Romanians. I propose a serious President who sees to Romania’s problems. My solution to all these problems is the Romania of the job well done,” said Iohannis.
In his speech, the ACL candidate criticized the Government for keeping the draft budget for 2015 under wraps, although it promised various financial measures for various social categories.
“I don’t battle Victor Ponta, but the system Ponta represents. Packed behind him are the party barons and clique. I don’t fight for myself, I fight for you, but I don’t do it alone, because I filed my candidacy with the support of 2,214,000 Romanians,” Iohannis said. The ACL presidential candidate ended his speech by paying tribute to the generation who did the Revolution.
“I see here, in the Lighthouse Square, many people who were young in the days of the Revolution, who held out hopes, who wanted a change, who thought their time had come at last and who worked for 25 years to pay their taxes and bills, just to find themselves living from hand to mouth. I tell you, you were a generation of sacrifice and I’ll be the President who fights for a functional economy, for jobs, for schools and for a health system that works properly. I see gathered here a lot of people with white hair. You worked all your life and did not get a matching reward from the society. In me you will have a President who respects you. I also see many young people whom I welcome here. You have a full life ahead of you and for you I’ll battle most doggedly. For you I want well-paid jobs to prevent you from leaving the country. For your children to have good schools where they can learn and land a job when they complete their education. For you, the young people, I’ll be the President who does not want yet another generation of sacrifice,” Klaus Iohannis said in the end of his speech in Constanta.
ACL candidate hails R.of Moldova Constitutional Court’s decision on the association agreement with the EU
National leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Klaus Iohannis has hailed the decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova on the constitutionality of Moldova’s association agreement with the European Union, pointing out that Moldova’s place is inside the EU.
‘Moldova’s place is besides Romania as equal partners inside the EU. I am gladly welcoming the decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, which today put an end to a dispute over the constitutionality of the association agreement between Moldova and the EU,’ Iohannis said in a press release issued on Friday.
‘I wish for the voters of Moldova to confirm our hopes over the next month’s parliamentary election by reinvesting pro-European parties with their trust,’ Iohannis concluded.

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