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January 26, 2023

Romania offers 800,000 euros for construction of new theatre in Cahul

Romania and the Republic of Moldova signed on Friday the Memorandum on Romania’s Government funding the construction of the new building of  Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu  theatre of Cahul.
Thus, the Romanian and Moldovan Prime Ministers, Victor Ponta and Iurie Leanca had a new chance to meet each other and have a new round of talks after their last meeting in Kiev the weekend before  on the occasion of the trilateral meeting Ukraine-Romania-Republic of Moldova.’Any investment in culture, I believe is an extremely important investment, because it is a long-term investment, which helps the generations to come develop their national identity, know the tradition, know the art and values of the past. I would like us to be all present together (…) when the building is completed and we shall certainly equip it. And I want you to invite me to the first show the actors will play in the new theatre of Cahul,’ Victor Ponta said during the signing ceremony of the Memorandum through which Romania offers a 800,000 euro for the construction of the new theatre in Cahul.On the same occasion, he addressed an invitation to the Moldovan Prime Minister to be present in Romania in November, at the inauguration of the building of the National Theatre of Bucharest, a building the restoration of which is almost completed. “I began began my mandate as interim Culture Minister in a fortunate manner with the inauguration of the construction works of the new building of the new ‘Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu’ Theatre of Cahul and I hope to conclude it in the same fortunate manner by inaugurating the modernised building of the National Theatre in Bucharest in November,” Ponta said.
The two chiefs of government symbolically put a cement shovel at the foundation of the new cultural edifice.
Prime Minister Iurie Leanca thanked his Romanian counterpart for the promptness with which Romania’s Government also supported this project of the Republic of Moldova.
Ponta’s visit  continued in Chisinau, where Romania donated the Moldovan Government 100 school minibuses, 35 Dacia Duster vehicles and three coaches as part of the process of Romania’s support for strengthening Chisinau’s institutional capability, the upgrading of its administrations and institutions, including the cultural and educational ones, as part of Moldova’s preparations to join the European Union’.
“Romania’s support for the Republic of Moldova is not prompted by momentary interests, but is a natural action”
Premier Victor Ponta said that the support Romania offers the Republic of Moldova is not prompted by some “momentary interest” but is just a “natural” action, as the two countries have a tight and concrete cooperation, not some “out of the blue” short-lived connection.
“I believe that the best and most realistic short-term vision, meaning five, or ten years is this: Romania must support the Republic of Moldova with all its forces for Moldova to acquire EU membership. (…) Moldova must pursue these ambitious targets, Romania’s support is only natural, it’s not just some momentary interest, it is something absolutely natural and perfectly normal,” Ponta declared at the Publika TV channel.
The Romanian PM said that the symbolic and highly ambitious goal set in this context is for the Republic of to be an EU member at the time Romania takes over the Presidency of the organization in 2019. “The symbolic target we assumed – probably few Moldovan citizens are aware of it – is this, and I’m glad to say it: in the second half of 2019 Romania will be holding the EU Presidency. I said that, symbolically, although it’s a very ambitious goal, we want Moldova’s seat to be already there,” said Ponta.
The Prime Minister also explained that this cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova did not occur “out of the blue”, but is determined by a specific context, namely the decisions taken by the Government in Chisinau, as well as the situation in Ukraine.
PM Iurie Leanca grateful to Romania for  40 million euros allocations
“While I was traveling to Cahul to meet Mr. Prime Minister Ponta, I did an approximate mathematical calculation of the allocations made by the Romanian Government headed by Victor Ponta over a period of one year and two months (…) And I came upon an impressive amount of roughly 40 million euros. This is a telling figure itself, considering also the projects resulting from this unprecedented high amount. There has never been anything like this before in the relationship between Chisinau and Bucharest. This figure means kindergartens, Mobile Emergency, Reanimation and Extrication Service facilities (…), it means many, many other projects. For instance, the school buses we will see today in Chisinau. I know people are eagerly awaiting them, so, dear Victor, thank you so much. Our thanks go to you in the first place, and to your colleagues, for helping us overcome the inherent problems of this highly difficult period,” Prime Minister Iurie Leanca said.

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