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February 3, 2023

Melescanu says most difficult prerogatives as president will be to play the role of mediator

Independent presidential candidate Teodor Melescanu said on Sunday in Oradea that the most difficult prerogative he will have as president will be to play the part of the mediator, but to harmonize various interests will also be his greatest satisfaction.
“I’m the only candidate with the necessary expertise on what a process of mediation means, that’s what I did my whole life, as a diplomat and as university professor I teach negotiation, which refers not only to international negotiations, but also daily negotiations. I’m not so naive as to imagine that, once I’m elected president, everybody will come and quench their thirst from my wisdom. People will continue to have their ideas and opinions, their interests. Harmonizing these interests is the hardest thing to do, but also the greatest satisfaction,” Teodor Melescanu told a press conference.
He mentioned that the messages of his contenders are “full of lies”, because except for him, no one has a political project based on the president’s tasks.
The primary objective of Teodor Melescanu as regards Romania’s foreign policy is to develop the strategic partnership with the United States, which has to be in security terms the top priority of Romania, “the only real security guarantee that we have.”
As concerns the Romanian diaspora, Melescanu stressed this is another priority of the Romanian Government, because there is a real danger that, in the absence of measures and financed programs, this diaspora might disappear in a few years.
Despite the many discussions about the Romanians’ unification within the same state, Melescanu considers that the Government’s priority should be the firm support for Republic of Moldova’s accession to the European Union.
“Our objective and the main thing we need to argue for is that, thanks to the common accession of Romania and the Republic of Moldova to the EU, the Romanians will find themselves once again in the same common space of the EU, an area of democracy, progress and prosperity,” Melescanu pointed out.

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