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January 27, 2023

New motor vehicle registration up nearly 26 pct in Sept

The number of the motor vehicles newly-registered in Romania was up by 25.59 percent in Sept. to 8,146 units as compared to the same month in 2013, with 5,561 units of it being cars, show figures released by the Directorate for Driving Licenses and Motor Vehicle Registration on Monday.
All categories of newly-registered motor vehicles recorded positive percentages in this Sept. from the last as follows: buses and mini-buses (216 units, +468.42 pct), tractors (28 units, +64.71 pct), special vehicles (60 units, +57.89 pct) trailers (707 units, +23.82 pct), motorcycles (99 units, 23.75 pct), goods carrying vehicles (1,258 units, +18.46 pct).
As regards the brands preferred by the Romanians, domestic car brand Dacia keeps being the leader with 1,445 new cars registered in Sept., down by 4.24 percent from Sept. 2013.
Over Jan.-Sept. of this year, as many as 51,564 new motor vehicles were registered in Romania, by 25.54 percent more than in the nine months of 2013, when 41,073 units were registered.
As for the used-car registration, the Directorate figures show that 20,289 units were registered in Sept., marking a 9.69 percent rise from last Sept. Furthermore, 159,533 used cars were registered in Romania in the nine months (a 3.94 percent drop from Jan.-Sept. 2013).
The Romanian car park totalled around 5.98 million units at end-2013, a 4.73 percent increase from end-2012. Roughly 4.7 million of it were cars and more than 3.3 percent were petrol-fuelled.
A number of 1.91 million vehicles from the national motor vehicle park were more than 6 to 10 years old and 1.42 million units were between 11 and 15 years old. Nearly 1.14 million cars were older than 20 years.
Some 2.35 million Romanians opted for diesel-fuelled cars and 3.32 million for petrol-fuelled, the Directorate announced

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