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March 1, 2021

Russian gas imports below normal level

According to the Economy Ministry’s Energy Department, the imports of Russian natural gas in Romania were estimated to be 9.2 per cent lower than normal levels on Monday, October 13, despite the fact that Gazprom had announced a reduction of 10.6 per cent. On Sunday the imports were also 9.2 per cent lower. On Friday the imports of natural gas from Russia were 13.6 per cent lower than normal levels, after Gazprom had announced a much higher drop of 30.7 per cent.
Romania currently consumes 25.5 million cubic meters per day, while the internal production stands at 31 million cubic meters per day. Hence the reduction of natural gas imports from the Russian Federation has a very slim impact on Romania, in contrast to the situation of other Central and East European states whose dependence of Russian natural gas goes up to 95 per cent (Poland’s case).
At the same time, Romanian authorities have announced that the volume of natural gas already stored is of approximately 2.8 billion cubic meters, approximately 1 billion cubic meters above the mandatory storage level.

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