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February 4, 2023

Strong ties that link Romania and Spain today more than ever before

Titus Corlatean, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania

It is an honour and a distinct pleasure to extend my deepest congratulations and warmest wishes to all the Spanish people, on the special occasion of the National Day of Spain – Fiesta Nacional de España – both on my behalf and on behalf of the Romanian Government.
I wish to reaffirm the strong ties that link Romania and Spain – today more than ever before – and to emphasize the excellent level of our relations, set on an ascending trend, through the political investment made especially in the last years. A moment of a major importance, revealing the special character of our bilateral relations, as well as the broad convergence of views our countries share on many foreign policy topics, both at the European and the international level, was the rising of the political level of our relation to the Strategic Partnership, by the two Heads of Government. The event took place during the visit of the Romanian Prime-minister, Victor Ponta, to Madrid, in July 2013.
I also take this opportunity to express my appreciation for Spain’s approach towards strengthening bilateral relations and the Spanish investments in Romania, as well as for further promoting our country as an attractive destination for the Spanish business community. One of the many visible indicators of our close economic relations is the trade volume which grew, in the first half of this year, by 10,64%, in comparison to the similar period of 2013, up to 1305,72 million Euros.

I am confident that, in the years to come, based on the bilateral political dialogue that has been given new impetus and building on the positive trend of our economic exchanges, we can upgrade the level of cooperation in numerous fields of common interest and reach the full potential of development for our special, growing relation. Key-areas, like infrastructure, renewable energy, agriculture, regional development or the use of the European funds offer significant opportunities. At the same time, our cooperation should also develop in other fields besides the ones already mentioned. Therefore, I believe that we need to continue our joint efforts in order to define the proper framework which will allow us to work together more effectively in the future, in areas like justice, labour, education and culture.
The strong ties between Romania and the Kingdom of Spain are based not only on the political approach or economic cooperation, but also on the social and cultural dimension of our relation, built on a common Latin foundation and very much related to the presence of a large community of Romanian citizens in Spain. So, I use this opportunity to express, once again, our gratitude to the Spanish authorities and Spanish people for their contribution in helping the Romanian community to be well integrated, encouraging measures of inclusion. The visit I paid to Madrid this March offered me, in addition to the meetings with the Spanish officials, the opportunity to attend several events where representatives of the Romanian community were also present, as well as representatives of the Spanish authorities. The climate of mutual understanding and respect convinced me once more, if needed, that Spain is indeed a true friend of Romania and of its citizens.
Through this climate of trust and good cohabitation, with Spanish and Romanian people sharing values they believe in, the social and cultural dimension has a significant role for the further development of our bilateral relation as a whole, for all of its components are closely interlinked.
The Kingdom of Spain is, for certain, a key European partner and a strong ally of Romania. Sharing common regional, European and Euro-Atlantic interests, our countries have been closely working together. Within the EU, both Romania and Spain support a more competitive Union, able to keep pace with the emerging economies in an increasingly globalized world and share the objective of deepening the Single Market. There is a need for more integration in Europe, through an enhanced economic union and, in the longer run, the perspective to accomplish a deeper political union.
To reach EU’s main political priorities, which Romania and Spain strongly support, we consider essential increasing the effectiveness to its actions and we hope this will be achieved after the new European Commission assumes its mandate. It is highly important that the future European leaders demonstrate the vision and capacity to revigorate the European project and to channel all the energy needed to restore citizens’ confidence in the EU. I am positive that Spain will further stand as a reliable partner, willing to make all the necessary efforts in order for these goals to be achieved.
As a final remark, I would like to convey, once again, my warmest congratulations to the Spanish People, along wishes of success and prosperity.
Feliz Aniversario, España!

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