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December 9, 2022

Vadim Tudor announces measures he would take as president

Greater Romania Party’s candidate in the November presidential elections Corneliu Vadim Tudor announced the decreeing of the state of emergency in economy, a VAT cut from 24 percent to 10 percent and a cut of the single tax bracket from 16 percent to 10 percent, and a review of the Constitution as the main measures he would take if elected.
In a release to AGERPRES on Friday, he also mentioned that he would take to the Presidential Palace of Cotroceni a team of counsellors made up of ‘loyal and honest Romanians.’
‘The main measures I will take concern the review of the Constitution, namely increasing the President’s powers, based on a Moratorium with the whole political class; the decreeing of the Emergency State in Economy; thorough verifications of the situation of country’s finances; also, the revival of the economy and the creation of jobs, with focus on the main industries that could increase the GDP: agriculture and tourism,’ the document reads.
The candidate declares ‘total war to the Mafia’ and promised to destroy ‘the 55 big underworld clans who suck the country’s blood’; he continues with the abatement of criminality that ‘keeps in terror a defenceless population.’
‘Closing the taps on robbery, especially on business at the expense of the state; expelling from the country the foreign and Romanian economic assassins, and – on a case-by-case basis – their emergency prosecution and arresting; confiscating the fortunes built on fraud and blocking the foreign accounts of great criminals; exposing and cancelling the fraudulent privatization and concession contracts (Petrom, Sidex, Romtelecom, Romcim, BCR, Rosia Montana, etc.); and nationalizing several assets and banks to provide inputs to the state’s financial reserves’ were other steps announced by the candidate.
Corneliu Vadim Tudor also promised measures to help indigenous capital and reducing bureaucracy ‘that seriously obstructs the opening of businesses.’
‘The exploitation of the country’s resources should be made to the exclusive benefit of the Romanian People – no other country in the world gives up its gold, silver, uranium, oil, gas and forests!’, the document continues. According to its author, drafting and implementing of a National Programme to liquidate poverty and raising the pensions and salaries by 25 percent are also necessary. According to Vadim Tudor, Romania has the highest food prices in Europe; he says they should be ‘aligned to the Old Continent’s standards by enforcing administered prices and severely punishing speculations.’

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