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January 27, 2023

70 pc of Romanians want shorter presidential term

Most Romanians agree with lowering the president’s term to four years in office (69.9 per cent of respondents), INSCOP’s “Truth about Romania” opinion poll ordered by ‘Adevarul’ daily reveals. “69.9 per cent of respondents believe that lowering the term to 4 years is a good idea, while 17.4 per cent claim that this is a bad idea. 12.7 per cent of them do not know or do not want to answer this question. Related to the percentage of respondents who state that they will definitely cast their votes in the first round, 73.2 per cent of the respondents support the idea of lowering the Romanian President’s term in office to 4 years, 16.8 per cent consider it a bad idea, and 10 per cent do not know or do not want to answer,” the poll reveals.
According to the opinion poll, 45.5 per cent of the respondents favor a two-year term for the future president in order for presidential elections to be held in 2016, simultaneously with general elections, 38.9 per cent disagree with this and 15.6 per cent do not know or want to respond. Of those stating that they will definitely vote in the first round, 47.7 per cent believe it is a good idea to lower the presidential term to four years, while 39.2 per cent do not support such a scenario and 13.1 per cent do not know or do not want to respond.
When informed that lowering the presidential term to four years and organizing presidential elections and general elections simultaneously in 2016 would result in the fact that elections will be rarer, 65.5 per cent of the respondents evaluated positively such an idea, 19.5 per cent continued to believe such a scenario is a bad idea, while 15 per cent did not know or did not want to respond.
Related to the respondents who state they will definitely vote in the first round, 70.6 per cent of them support the lowering of the presidential term and the simultaneous organization of presidential and general elections, 17.4 per cent oppose it and 12 per cent do not know or do not want to answer.
“This should not be understood as a popular refusal of the democratic exercise of voting. Even though voter turnout levels have diminished in recent years, especially in general elections, Romanians want rarer elections primarily because they associate elections with tensions, instability and political crises that diminish the energy allocated for the effort of governing. Romanians have already been asked to cast their votes 10 times in the last 7 years, in presidential, general and European elections plus two separate referendums, and we can add to this an 11th electoral moment occasioned by this year’s presidential elections,” INSCOP Director Remus Stefureac stated.

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