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February 7, 2023

Election authority: Eligible-to-vote Romanians 18,296,567 on Nov. 2, 18,305,826 on Nov.16

Romania’s Standing Election Authority (AEP) announced on Tuesday that according to its latest calculations, 18,296,567 Romanian citizens have the right to vote in the first round of the presidential elections on Nov. 2, and 18,305,826 in the second round on Nov. 16.
“It’s very important the fact that, compared to the latest press release on this topic, the number of electors dropped by 17,131 for Nov. 2 and by 15,686 for Nov. 16 (18,313,698 eligible-to-vote Romanian citizens on Sept. 12, 2014 vs. 18,296,567 eligible-to-vote Romanian citizens on Oct. 14, 2014 for Nov. 2, 18,321,512 eligible-to-vote Romanian citizens on Sept. 12 vs. 18,305,826 eligible-to-vote Romanian citizens on Oct. 14 for Nov. 16),” according to a release sent to AGERPRES on Tuesday.
The difference is the result of the current operations made by the mayors on the electoral roll relevant to their communities, of the import of programmed data from the Directorate for the Population Records and Data Bases Management with the Ministry of the Interior.
As for the number of eligible-to-vote Romanian citizens with the residence abroad, their number stands at 535,082 for Nov. 2 and 535,279 for Nov. 16, according to information provided by the General Directorate for Passports.
AEP reminds that according to the law, the permanent electoral lists are drawn up and printed by mayors based of data and information in the Electoral Register.
The lists must be drawn up in every locality and must comprise all the eligible-to-vote citizens residing there, in accordance with the data in the personal identity cards issued by the Romanian state. The deadlines for printing copies of the electoral lists for the presidential elections of this year are October 31 and November 14, respectively.

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