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January 27, 2023

Prince Eugene of Savoy, Timisoara liberator, celebrated at the Baroque Festival

On 18th October 2013 it will be 350 years since the birth of Eugene of Savoy, the liberator of Timisoara. His name is connected to the building of the first brewery on the current territory of Romania, the ditching of the River Bega, the drying of swamps and many other things that were made in Timisoara.
In his memory, Timisoara is organizing on 14th October the second edition of the Baroque Festival. The first one took place last year and, since the residents of the city proved interested in the history of the place, a new adventure naturally followed.
‘The Baroque Festival wants to resurrect the spirit of Timisoara of other times, a major old city of the Danube monarchy and of Central Europe and bring back to contemporary memory the glory of the ideal baroque city of the 18th century’, say the organizers.
For a whole week there will be concerts, lectures, theatre and music – all to bring back to life the atmosphere of the time of the Prince of Savoy. During the festival there will also be weapons, musical instruments and map exhibitions. Between 18th and 19th October, in the Union Square and the Theresia Bastion there will be a fair of trades and crafts.
On the occasion of the festival, the Union Square Association is also organizing a ‘treasure hunt’ competition. The competing teams will set out to look for a prize that can only be found by walking through the set course. All teams will be given a paper containing a multiple choice question from the secret history of Timisoara and, at the end of the adventure, the winning team will dig up for the treasure in a secret place. Today at the Roman-Catholic Dome in the Union Square there will be a J. S. Bach music concert offered by the soloists Ovidiu Rusu, Corina Murgu, Nada Petrov, Sergiu Cârstea, Pavel Santa and Catalin Vinars. On Friday, at the Synagogue in the City there will be the ceremony where the 140 candles will be lit up, a Timisoara tradition since the time of Eugene of Savoy and the Baroque Festival. The event will be accompanied by a show called ‘Imaginarium Baroque – Music and Images of 18th Century Timisoara’. The Imaginarium concept presents, through building projections, the history of Timisoara of other days, in a music and image show presented by the Peregrinii band.
Live music will be accompanied by period image projections and the traditional ceremony of the Baroque Festival – the lighting up of the 140 candles reminding of the night of the 17th of October 1716, when they marked the birthday of Prince Eugene, the liberator of the city.

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