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August 15, 2022

Illegal land restitution case: Prosecutors request arrest of six persons

National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors have asked the Supreme Court for the preventive arrest of six persons involved in the case concerning the illegal restitution of forests and agricultural plots of land, two Covasna Court judges and the beneficiary of the restitution of more than 43,000 hectares of forest being among them. Thus, the persons whose arrest has been requested are: Sorin Ion Iacob, Dan Costin Bengescu, Iosif Kadas, Janica Poenaru and judges Ordog Lorand Andras and Gabriel Uta from the Covasna Court.
Sorin Ion Iacob is charged with the setting up of an organized crime group and with three counts of buying and trafficking influence. Dan Costin Bengescu is charged with trafficking influence, active bribery and the setting up of an organized crime group. Iosif Kadas is charged with setting up an organized crime group and three counts of buying influence. Janica Poenaru is charged with joining an organized crime group and trafficking influence.
Iacob, Bengescu, Kadas and Poenaru were detained after being heard on Tuesday at DNA Brasov. Paltin Gheorghe Sturdza, Aurel Olari, Ioan Gheorghe Varga, Andrei Poteaca and Alina Carmen Ciocoiu are also prosecuted in the same case.
According to prosecutors, on 12 April 2012, based on prior agreements, at the request of lawyer Ioan Adam, who is currently MP, and with the support of Paltin Gheorghe Sturdza, a panel of judges from the Covasna Court, a panel whose members Ordog Lorand Andras and Gabriel Uta were, ruled in favor of admitting an appeal in a case concerning the restitution of property rights over a large forest and agricultural area located in Bacau County. The ruling was in favor of a physical person and against the Romsilva National Forest Administration.
Immediately after the Covasna Court issued its civil case ruling, Ioan Adam, Gheorghe Sturdza Paltin, Ioan Gheorghe Varga, Dan Costin Bengescu and MP Viorel Hrebenciuc formed and coordinated a group whose goal was to obtain revenues by buying influence or illegally using influence in order to speed-up the vesting of possession and the release of the property deed, and to more quickly sell the forest area won in court.

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