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February 1, 2023

New programs in the international competition of Bucharest Experimental Film Festival

New theme-based programs, from “films recreated of films” to the ambivalence of “Family connections” will be introduced in the international competition of the Bucharest Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF), due to take place during December 10 – 14, the organizers announced.
BIEFF thus launched a new challenge for the Romanian audience, by structuring the entire selection of the present edition in theme-based programs, selected to reflect the areas of maximum creative dynamism in contemporary cinema. Five themes varying from major historical events to the interior micro-cosmos define the international competition: Alternative History, Family Ties, Recycled Cinema, In Search of a Soul and Urban Ghosts.
Recycled Cinema: Films Made of Films is a program destined to question preconceptions about originality. By revisiting, reinterpreting and reediting films that were already made, directors isolate alchemic elements of cinema and manipulate them to create new and captivating works. The postmodernist deconstruction of the initial material, treated with playful enthusiasm or in a meditative manner, directly involves the viewer in a structural game of reconstruction and revitalization of cinema.
The characters played by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in the film “Grease” are literally cut into pieces by Antoni Pinent, whose work “G/R/E/A/S/E” is a handmade “décollage”. The frames of the film are divided, physically and formally recombined so as to create a cinema remix, where the idols of Hollywood cinema are subdued to a brutal form of reexamining.
An invisible protagonist starts a VHS tape. The mysterious smile of a young woman appears on the screen, in slow motion, making the viewer imagine an unreciprocated love story. Nonetheless, the girl who initially seemed to be a contemporary Mona Lisa reveals herself as the voluptuos image of an actress from an X-rated movie. A cheeky and ironic experiment, “The Shadow of Your Smile” boldly plays with the expectations of the audience and explores the possibility of giving new meanings to images by manipulating sounds and removing them from the context.

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