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January 27, 2023

Transport Master Plan: 10 Danube ports to be modernized by 2030

According to the Transport Master Plan, which is currently in the stage of public debate, the naval sector will need investments of approximately EUR 2.3 bln by 2030 for the modernization of ten ports, the improvement of navigation conditions on the Danube, and the completion of the Bucharest-Danube channel.
Naval transport on the Danube is one of strategic importance for Romania, considering that it plays an important role in trade and the transit of merchandise through Romania. Last year approximately 27 million tons of merchandise were transported on internal navigable ways, and 39 million tons were transported by sea. The development of this sector would hike traffic considering for instance that the Rhine carries 200 million tons of merchandise while having a navigable sector of just 750 kilometers.
With its network of highways and railways falling short, Romania could transform the Danube into the main gateway to Europe, considering that the country has a section of 1,075 kilometers of the river, meaning 40 per cent of the Danube’s navigable sector and several river and sea ports, according to the specialists.
The first investment proposed by the master plan in the naval sector totals EUR 207 M and consists of improving navigation conditions on the Danube (the common Romanian-Bulgarian sector). The funds should be used to deepen the navigable channel and to ensure its constant maintenance. This sector has a length of 585 kilometers. At present the Danube has several problems concerning its navigable channel, the document also shows. The channel is considered navigable at maximum depth for only 250 days per year, with seven sections regularly falling below the 2.5-meter depth standard every year.

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