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February 1, 2023

Who will lose and who will gain from “covert officer” scandal? Who has infringed the law?

In an attempt to prove further his allegations (about Victor Ponta being an undercover officer of Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE)  when he was prosecutor)  launched two days before, but also to prove “the plot” suggested by him between Ponta with former SIE chief Teodor Melescanu, President Traian Basescu made new statements from Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday evening in the prime time. In fact not only statements to prove that he  is right, but he vehemently attacked and criticized again Ponta and Melescanu.President said he has never asked for a list of the undercover officers and insisted Teodor Melescanu is lying in this respect.

I have never asked for any list. The document shows Mr Melescanu has misinformed and has continued placing himself in the area of making politics’, Basescu told reporters in a statement at the presidential Cotroceni Palace.
He showed a memo he had sent Melescanu on Nov. 8, 2013 asking him to explain whether there are in the Romanian Government persons who were undercover SIE officers after 1990 and, if this be the case, to cite the time and specialty
President Traian Basescu said that Victor Ponta’s former position as undercover officer of the Foreign Intelligence Service is a piece of information of public interest; he also called Ponta “an opportunist”.
‘I wonder if it’s information of public interest whether the prime minister was an [undercover] officer or not. Is it of public interest? I believe so,” the head of state said in a statement at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace. Basescu stressed that the position of prosecutor is incompatible to any other position.
Basescu: “I did not infringe any law”
“I can assure you that threats don’t scare me. I saw that Melescanu and several other former Service heads are saying that the president broke the law. I did not infringe any law and much less the Constitution of Romania. Those who broke the law are others, for, in my opinion, the Service  showed us yesterday, through the content of its press release, that it was involved. Probably an inquiry by the Military Prosecutor’s Office must be made, since in 1997 including the Constitution forbade prosecutors having other activities, except those in education. An infringement of Constitution in the history of a Service is unacceptable. A service, so that you know (…) it’s doing illegalities, they are spying. And yes, they may commit illegalities anywhere, but not in Romania”, said the head of state at the Cotroceni Palace.
He emphasised that, in their country of origin, the secret services “from the civilised world” respect the laws and the country’s Constitution.
“The recruiting of a prosecutor was an infringement of the Constitution, of the law too, but also of the Constitution”, concluded President Basescu.
Basescu pointed out that former SIE  head Teodor Melescanu broke the law, emphasising that he put the institution, through the issuance of the Government Decision 223 of 2013, in a very bad situation.
“I believe that Mr. Melescanu broke the law and dragged an exceptional service to follow his and the Prime Minister’s political interests, a service that is one of the best in the world. It is a shame that a political figure, uninspiringly, to say the least, participated in something that put the Service in a very bad situation”, said the head of state at Cotroceni Palace.
According to him, in Law 1/1990 there is no article that would request the classification of reservists.
“They can refuse to decline their quality as SIE reservists, they can decline any quality they wish, but the law never forbids them to say if they were covert operatives or have worked at SIE”, he showed.
‘If we had a right parliamentary control we wouldn’t have encountered this situation and I wouldn’t have had to make these public statements. Unfortunately, the parliamentary control is very weak. I would dare say that the control seems to be on the other side. You must understand an essential thing: during my mandate, great investments were made in increasing the services power of fulfilling their mission, be it SRI or SIE. The control solutions on the services are much weaker compared with the power the services have. That is why, maybe right after the elections, a formula must be found through which the services be what they are supposed to be: instruments for adopting the correct political measures and not get in the situation in which the services could control either the Government or a parliamentary committee or something else,’Traian Basescu said at the Cotroceni Palace.
He added that the services became extremely powerful and performing and the temptation of any of them was to grab as much control as possible and as much influence.
‘That is why, immediately after the presidential elections a much more complex system needs to be found, more appropriate to the formidable capacity the two services have, for the services to be controlled (…). The services are very performing, but they tend to expand their information collection capacity and the influence,’ the head of state explained.
Traian Basescu pointed out that any temptation of a secret service head of entering political games had to be prevented.
‘It is a signal, not an alarm signal, but a signal related with what needs to be done. My mission was to make them very powerful. The mission of the next is to also control them, not of the next president, but of the next legislature. Any temptation of a head of secret service of entering political games must be prevented,’ Basescu concluded.
Traian Basescu mentioned that it would be best if Victor Ponta admitted, because “it will free his hands from a lie that he has told in tandem with others and an entire service”.
“I am convinced that if Victor Ponta hadn’t been in the situation of infringing the Constitution, he would have admitted that he had a period in which he took advantage from this status, of SIE  officer, and that would be it. Later on he gave up when he realized this was not for him. The fact that he infringed the Constitution prevented him, and the Service from entering, through the Service’s director, this game in which SIE is compromised”, Traian Basescu showed.
He stated that he rejects the statements according to which he attacked Victor Ponta so Elena Udrea would win, saying that he considers them to be lies.
Ponta: “In an attempt to deal me an electoral blow, Basescu attacked the judiciary and the intelligence services”
Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Wednesday that President Traian Basescu, in an attempt to deal him an electoral blow by his allegations that was an undercover Foreign Intelligence Service officer, in fact attacked the judiciary and the intelligence services.
The prime minister, who is running for president of Romania in Nov. 2 polls underscored he is convinced the state institutions will check to what extent did Basescu have the right to hold the documents he had showed at a television broadcast on Monday.
‘Mr Basescu, in an attempt to deal me an electoral blow, did what a president of Romania must not do, he attacked the judiciary, I think it is very serious that the very person who must defend the justice system and the intelligence services attacked them for an electoral purpose and I do not want to make such a mistake and answer in terms of elections too. I merely want to say that after nine years and eleven months we have the power to re-build ourselves as a society and to indeed be good Romanians. I am convinced the state institutions will check to what extent did Mr Basescu have the right to hold the documents he had in that broadcast, to show them publicly, I do not want to make this analysis myself’, Ponta said.
”The Criminal
Code incriminates
Mr. Basescu’s deeds”
Prime Minister Victor Ponta  added that he was positive  that after December 21, the provisions of the Criminal Code would be enforced in the case of the deeds committed by President Traian Basescu. ‘The current Criminal Code provides and incriminates all of Mr Basescu’s deeds, it only has to be enforced and I am positive that after December 21 it will happen,’ Ponta said.
‘I believe politics is not only made of filth and such people, I believe Mr Basescu and Mr Iohannis cannot truly get to me and I believe the experience of Targu-Jiu and Gorj showed us all that where we are hit with such weapons we grow stronger in fact and that each time more people voted for us and we did more good things,’ he also said.
At the same time, Victor Ponta said he had made and would make until November 16 a clean campaign in which he would talk about his projects for Romania.
Melescanu: “Is irrational
to be accused of having plotted with Victor Ponta”
Former SIE chief Teodor Melesscanu says he is ‘a collateral victim’ in the conflict between President Traian Basescu and Prime Minister Victor Ponta, adding that it is ‘irrational’ to be accused of having ‘plotted’ to Victor Ponta’s cover.’
‘Unfortunately, it is about a conflict, a battle between Traian Basescu and Victor Ponta in which I became a collateral victim. And, unfortunately, SIE is also a collateral victim, undeservedly. (…) I couldn’t have plotted to cover Victor Ponta in the context in which I have no data whether he was a covert officer or not. How can I plot something I have no official data about, under my professional duties? It is irrational. The only covert officers I know are those who were named officers during my director tenure. (…) If nothing out of the ordinary happened during my mandate, how can I plot to hiding something that did not happen during my tenure?,’ the former SIE head pointed out on Realitatea Tv private television broadcaster on Wednesday evening.
Melescanu underscored that the legislation in force did not allow the disclosure of the names of covert officers, adding that it was ‘a wordplay’ the fact that the President said he did not request the list of covert officers, but only specifications whether such people were in the Government or not.
Mioara Roman: ‘Basescu wound back Romania tens of years and changed collective mentality for the worse’
Mioara Roman, the ex-wife of the first Romanian Prime Minister after 1989, Petre Roman, makes in her ‘My side of the truth’ book a series of disclosures on President Traian Basescu and the backstage of the events that happened in that hot period in Romanian history. In her book, Mrs. Roman, quoted by ‘Ziarul Ring’, says the distance between what is known and what happened in reality is ‘huge’. ‘I took advance of the fact that I wasn’t known and I’ve been to places where no one would have imagined I would be, including the miners’ riots. I was an eye witness! In the political development of Romania, the intelligence agencies have and still play a more important role that the law permits. Evidence? The documents have vanished from archives! History has been erased, but I am a witness’, Mioara Roman said.
Mrs. Roman further states that Traian Basescu was the pawn of the former chief of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Virgil Magureanu. ‘In 2003, Magureanu made Traian Basescu president, and he became the main pawn of the Magureanu group’, Mioara Roman says. ‘The services had knocked on several doors until they eventually found the man for the job. The main stake of the interference was the money. The members of the Roman Government were removed because they did not steal. (…) Anyone who comes after these ten years of Basescu will have to start from scratch. Basescu wound back Romania tens of years and has changed collective mentality, corruption networks and spheres of influence have been created. Real leaders are gone and what we have now is neo-Ceausim fragmented into several formations’. ‘The great poet Augustin Buzura was saying: <Romania will only be happy when it no longer understands Caragiale.>’
Emil Constantinescu: ‘Traian Basescu is not a free man, he is the slave of those who gave him money and support’
A statement ex-President Emil Constantinescu made back in 2010 on TV was replayed by Antena 3 TV Wednesday night in a programme trying to bring up to light and explain the conduct of President Basescu, currently during the last weeks of his term, and where he seems to be at war with just about everybody.
‘President Traian Basescu is not a free man, he is the slave of those who gave him money and support’, Emil Constantinescu said. He thought, at the time, that the main responsibility for the derailments of President Basescu was with the intellectuals, with whose assistance Basescu came to power in 2004 and 2009.
‘Whilst many people can say they didn’t know, well, they knew when they impelled through their fanaticism – for it was not all just about money. They created fanatic figures – this is why many were speaking about the far right. –…) They were all aware of the fact that President Traian Basescu was a former political police collaborator, they knew he was an old communist, they knew that, at least according to the cases dealt with and completed by prosecutors, he was the most corrupt person in Romania. They knew he had been lying, because they knew his messages and, normally, they ought to have taken a distance from the baseness of his rhetoric and from the spoilage of political life induced by a leader like him’, Constantinescu was saying four years ago on the ‘Vorbe grele’ show hosted by Victor Ciutacu on Antena 2 TV.

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