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January 27, 2023

Macovei says that more than 2 million Romanians would vote for her

Independent candidate for Romania’s president Monica Macovei on Friday told a press conference in Cluj that there are more than two million Romanians who would like her in the presidential office, but hesitate in giving their vote to her, for they believe she doesn’t stand a chance.
“If all those who say that they would vote for me, had I had any chances to win, then I would for sure win in the first round. And I also want to remind you that in the first round you should always vote wholeheartedly, you should vote for whoever you want, you vote for the person in whose projects you truly believe, you vote for the person in whom you believe, for the person who is different from the other candidates, because we are sick of the others, of the political class that has been stealing from us for 25 years. So, in the first round, if you have a candidate, you don’t vote the lesser evil, as we have been voting for the past 25 years, but you vote a president to your liking. The useful vote is given – if it is given and taken into account – only in the second round. There are over 2 million Romanians who want me to become the President and if they all vote for me, I have won the elections”, stated Monica Macovei.
She also said that, unlike other candidates, she is nobody’s puppet, she has no hidden interests behind her, nor political parties.

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